I built this system as a high performance gaming machine. I needed portability as well as power, this is something I can disassemble and take with me when I move (which is pretty often). I do not have any love for laptops, I'd much rather have a powerful desktop which I can take with me.

FAQs Q- Why i7 when I could have done with an i5 ?

A- I was actually going in for an i5-4670K, but I got an awesome deal on the i7-4770K

Q- Why mini-ITX in a micro-ATX case ?

A- I need this system to be easy to disassemble. When I move, I can just discard/sell the case and take the core components with me. If I put this in a mini-ITX case, it still be big enough to not fit properly in my bags

Q- Which OS will I be using ?

A- Dual boot Xubuntu and Win7, both x64

Tips on cable management: I got the cheapest case I could find cause the case is discardable, even then cable management was essential. This case did not provide any cable management features, however, I was still able to do the following: Tucked and ziptied extra power cables into the 5.25 enclosure

Ziptied ATX and CPU power cable to the 5.25 drive cage

Removed the front panel and routed the molex power and PCI-E power cables via it into the HDD cage

The SATA power cable was strangely upside down. I mounted the SSD upside down so that most of the SATA power cable remained inside the 5.24 drive cage

Stuck the front panel header cables to the case with tape

Ziptied the HD audio, front panel USB and SATA cable together

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