Well, I have literally just ordered all the parts and most of it should arrive in a couple of days. This build will mainly be for general use and occasional gaming. Battlefield 1 and maybe 5 when it's out. My main reason for upgrading was for creative content with mostly video editing on Davinci 15. What I like about the chassis is the ability to keep on adding and upgrading plus I like the big twin fan look on the front. I might even swap them out for the Thermaltake Riing fans which I really like the look of. I'm going to see how the included cooler with the 2700x holds up in the case with only the pre-installed fans. Hopefully it'll not get too hot in there but will probably add the Coolermaster MasterLiquid ML360R if need be then I believe there will be just enough RGB lighting in there for now...LOL

Let me know your thoughts on the systems components but remember they'll now all bought and on the way!

Current PC:

2010 AMD Phenom ii Quad Core 3.2ghz NZXT Black case with blue led lit front panel (annoyingly blue in the dark) 8GB DDR2 Crucial Ram at 400mhz 4 HDD's totaling 3TB Asus M4A78 Pro board Radeon 7870 2GB (Actually plays BF4 pretty well!)

It was good for it's time but I bought it without having any particular use for it other than general use. Trying to edit video is painful and rendering takes a while. The new beast should handle basic 4k video editing and that's all I really care about.

Update: All the parts arrived and it got built in about an hour AND it worked 1st attempt. Deeply happy customer right My biggest pleasure is booting this beast up. Before, I could wait several minutes before I could actually use Windows properly, you know, to actually do something other than wait. Now, as soon as I sign in it's ready. Fully ready for use. It's the little things in life that sometimes give us the most pleasure...

Part Reviews


So far so good. It does exactly what it says on the tin. I have not overclocked this beast yet but leave it to system to do it's thing. The supplied fan cooler is absolutely gorgeous to look at but it does seem to cycle a lot while responding to the heat generated by the CPU. It gets hot very quickly and I wonder if even with the AMD cooler that I'm guessing was designed specifically for this CPU if spending time in the 80's with peaks into the 90's is really going to be a long term solution.


Expensive and probably a bit of overkill for my needs but the more I learn, the more I grow. I find it reassuring that I can play and experiment in the future,


This stuff does not come cheap but after tons of research I decided to go with the CAS14 @ 3200 as apparently the 2700x prefers this stuff. Whether or not it is possible to tell the difference between CAS14 and Cas16 timings is up to the experts. To look at it's amazing. The RGB is very effective and totally controllable using MSI Mystic Light. I only have the 2 sticks which I thought might look weird but actually it looks amazing.


Blazing fast is all I can really tell you. The reason I chose the 970 Pro as my OS drive and paid a bit more than an EVO is simply the rated durability. At this kind of speed, I don't think you could even tell a difference between any brand of m.2 drive. I just tried to buy the best I could afford to future proof the build as much as possible.


Another top rated product that also looks pretty good in the Coolermaster h500m case. I'll probably get another one in the near future to fill the gaps in the case.

Video Card

This was the best value card in my opinion at the time I bought it. Cheaper than the 1080ti's at time of writing and slightly more powerful. I really like the way this card looks in my case with the Duke and Dragon logo lit on the side. It's already nicely overclocked out of the box so I don't need to push it for now. It runs BF1 on Ultra effortlessly which for me is awesome.


I loved the original 500 range for the twin fan looks before buying this one. I'm really glad I got this 500m even though it's a little spendy for what it actually is at the end of the day. However, price aside it's a beautiful case and refined in it's design. They even give a box of screws with many left over as spares and for future use. Nice touch! Cable management is an absolute breeze even for a 1st time PC builder like me. I'll get some custom cable mods to make it all look even better soon although it does get a bit tight for space under those covers on the backside of the case. My only real complaint was that I could not connect the USB C on the front panel as the cable that is supplied with the case is pre-made and rather short. I'm not sure if it is just the combination of my MSI motherboard and the h500m but there is no way to make it reach without an extension cable. Apart from that relatively minor issue, the case is stunning, sturdy and quiet. It's very quiet and I like it!

Power Supply

This unit comes with a legendary reputation and a really nice presentation in it's new box. EVGA make a relatively boring product shine by giving us a very fancy box opening experience. The supplied cables are all nice and braided in black and the smaller form factor of the unit itself actually gives you more space in the case for all the other cables. The specs, wattage and reputation, as well as the price are what made be go for the newer G3 range.


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Brilliant! Very similar to my next build I'm going to do this month.. Just I'm going for 16GB of the same RAM and ROG Crosshair VII Hero. Anyway it is crazy how the list I've done and yours are so similar.. :D Have you tried to run any benchmarks on this beast?

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Hey sorry to bother you but I was looking to get this card and was wondering if it is truly was a two slot card other wise it won't fit in my case. I know this might be a bit much to ask but can you take a photo of the cards profile so I can see?

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Do you think 620 watts is enough for this card?

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Hi. I'm building my first pc ever. Coming from the Mac world. For vr. I'm gonna wait for the new ryzen but I need some advice pls. I have some parts...2080ti fe, 850w platinum psu, 500gb m.2 sad but I see you have the same exact ram that I do. Can you please let me know how well that men. wks with your rig? Looks like a powerful machine and just looks good too. Thx for your help Ian S.

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So sorry I missed all your comments. I just haven’t logged in to this since just after the build.

The PC has been running flawlessly nearly everyday for a year now. It’s still just as fast, or at least it feels just as fast as the day I 1st fired it up.

There really isn’t too much to upgrade. I might put a 2nd m.2 in the spare slot for a faster scratch disk (video editing). I might even upgrade the 2700x to the new 3rd gen Ryzen but even then, these are just luxury upgrades and not a necessity.

I’d be interested to hear how your rigs progressed and what your upgrades might be too.

Thanks guys....