RGB Insanity is a midlife upgrade of my prior build, RGB Madness. It is primarily used for gaming, photo editing and remoting into my work computer.

I decided to use Black Friday and the need to replace the motherboard in another machine as an excuse to treat myself to a CPU upgrade of my main workstation. While RGB Madness's i7-7700k was still a competent performer in both gaming and Lightroom, I was intrigued by the chance to upgrade to 8 cores/16 threads. In addition to upgrading the CPU and motherboard, I decided to add more RGB (by way of blinging my H100i). I had also previously  (i.e., while RGB Insanity was still RGB Madness) added a 1TB SSD to serve as a secondary application storage drive and updated the HDD to 8TB to house my ever increasing collection of huge RAWs.

For now I have limited my processor related tweaking to explicitly enabling PBO and slightly undervolting in order to optimize thermals and boost frequency. I am very satisfied with the moderate increase in performance over my modestly OC'd i7-7700k. I am running a slight OC on the 1080ti, which generally settles at 1950MHz under load. Temps under realistic heavy loads (i.e., RDR2, not Prime 95 /w AVX and Furmark) top out at 70C and 82C for CPU and GPU, respectively.

Ignore the pricing since it is very inflated by unrealistic prices for some of the components carried over from RGB Madness.

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