Decided to build a new one from ground up, so here it is. I used a SG09B for this build, which actually wasn't super difficult to build in as many suggested, my only disappointment with it is if you don't have a specifically turned power port for your power supply then you lose the nice 120mm AP fan included, but other than that it's been a blast to build in. My temps are getting higher than I would like on my 760, so I'm probably going to order a 92/80mm noctua or two to put on the left side-panel to cool it directly.

Update: Bought 2 Noctua NF-A9x14mm Fans to go into the case, hooked them up, ran Far Cry 3 to put 98%-99% GPU usage on the system and played for ~30minutes plus let it sit for ~30 minutes at 98% usage and it topped out at 70C, down from a max of 80C.


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