Not sure why I'm throwing this up on PCPartPicker... braces for the downvotes

I built this out of spare parts that were lying around the house - some relatively new, some fairly old... (the optical drive is beige and IDE, for crying out loud).

Not really a fan most of these components, which is why I guess they ended up as spare parts. Cable management on the Diablotek EVO (mostly identical to the Rosewill Challenger) is meh, and the EPS12V cable on the PSU is far too short to hide, notwithstanding the crap OEM.

It's just going to be a guest computer for web browsing and light gaming. None of these parts were bought specifically for this computer, and prices for older parts are approximate.

GPU is overclocked, not that it really matters: Core +100MHz, Memory +100MHz, stock volts.

Pictures were taken before I added the Hyper 212+ from my main rig (which now has a Zalman LQ-320), and I couldn't really be bothered to retake them for a build like this.

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  • 78 months ago
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Most people are going to disagree, but I love spare part builds and attempt to build at least one every month (too many part laying around :P). +1

I like to see how fast I can run Ubuntu and/or Mint with parts like a Celeron D running at 3.6Ghz. Building spare part builds gives you lots of skills such as cable management and part knowledge.

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  • 78 months ago
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Spare parts builds +1

  • 28 months ago
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Spare parts? +1