This was my first build, so I started off with something less challenging in preparation for a much more ambitious project later this year. The main purpose is for this to be a quiet, durable computer that my parents can use for years to come for simple things such as Excel and checking emails, as well as being a large storage device for the home videos and such like. Looking back on it, there were definitely some parts that I would change since I feel things such as the case are just not right for a build like this.


The i3-6100 is an amazing thing, probably with way more power than my parents will ever need but oh well! It should last a long time since being too good now should mean its about right in a few years time. Maybe a pentium would have been a better choice but considering that I was not having a GPU here, the more powerful processor will help for any light graphics-based work that goes on.


I loved this little board, amazingly cheap while providing all the features and durability I would expect from ASUS. The only slight problem I encountered with it was that there is only one fan header on the board, and the case had two fans, but luckily a splitter worked perfectly.


This case is the main area that I would change if I did this again. Its just way more than I needed and I wish I had chosen a micro-ATX tower instead. This is definitely a very good case; it feels way more solid than anything I've personally had before, the two fans it comes with are very quiet so I didn't feel the need to swap them out, and the space behind the motherboard tray was very useful for making cable management, but it's a bit too much for this build.

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Great home/office build! I'm thinking on building a PC like this!

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