This machine is the combination of two earlier rigs I had with a few new parts added. Links Below:

Old Media Server

Old Hotel Raider

I was tired of having two computers and a laptop, so I sprung to create the best I could with (mostly) the parts I had. Small NYC apartments force you to organize :P.

The new rig will mainly be used as a remote media server due to how much I travel, but it is still a fully capable gaming/editing rig for when I am home.

Parts list shows everything in or attached to the computer with original prices paid, due to some of them being purchased years ago.

Migrating the raid array was quite time consuming, and props to BackBlaze for how easy it is to pull data and have it mailed to you.

The new machine has the x5 4TB’s in a raid 5 with one of the Samsung as the boot drive.The additional Samsung and 2TB are used for additional storage; games on the SSD and general backup data on the WD.

For this build I only purchased the new case, mobo, additional 16GB of RAM, the 5th 4TB drive, and bigger liquid cooler. Everything else I had in the old machines. In the near future I will likely opt for a new 1440p monitor (but I do love that 1900x1200 piece, 16:10 is the best!).

The whole thing took 4-5 days due to migrating old data and such. The initialization for the new raid took 50+ hours. Had to RMA the 2TB drive last minute and will get it, and the second Samsung installed when the RMA completes.

This really let me consolidate my parts and let me get rid of a lot of old spare parts and pieces, so I shouldn’t be doing much for a while now on the personal rig front.

Only issue noted is with the case/mobo. Not sure which is the error piece, but the back I/O plate does not line up properly with the mobo – and the ports are slightly misaligned.


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22 and a half terabytes Jesus That is A LOT! +1

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Really cool build man.