My fascination with PCs started after I committed the cardinal sin of buying a prebuilt. After binge watching various tech videos on youtube I sold the prebuilt to start saving for a custom build. My initial CPU/GPU choice was going to be an 8700k with a 1080 Ti, but RTX launched with the consumer Core i9 launch shortly after. I had to go with the fastest hardware, so I chose a 9900k and a Founder's Edition 2080 Ti (for the binned GPU). I do plan on putting my GPU on water later this year. My 9900k hits 5.1 GHz on all cores stable, and my 2080 Ti hits 2.1 GHz in gaming and over 2.2 GHz on synthetic benchmarks, so putting it on water will allow me to keep those clock speeds up longer as the founder's cooler is rather lack luster. I use this build primarily for gaming, but sometimes I like to stream as well, and 8 cores/ 16 threads, 32 GB of RAM, and NVENC encoding make it a breeze, with hardly any blows to performance.

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