After my iMac lost support and can no longer run many new programs or even web browser apps like Netflix, I decided to take my first foray into the world of PC building. Most importantly my iMac can no longer properly run LOTRO ever since the developers dropped mac client support Early 2019. I carefully chose all the products to reflect my tastes in components. I think it’s a midrange build, but what do I know. I’m diving right into the RGB world with hopes of having it all nicely cable managed… I waited around patiently and got some pretty good deals on some stuff. I missed out on a further $20 savings on the RX590 by a few hours – oh well. Decided to name him Clive and designate him a hobbit PC for light gaming and light video editing. But also because the Meshify C is rather small for a full ATX case.

Total in Canadian dollars (taxes and shipping inc.) was $1,897

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