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The Matrix - NebukadNZXTar - Phanteks Shift Mini ITX

by MasSS


The Matrix - NebukadNZXTar

Phanteks Evolv Shift Mini ITX with NZXT Kraken

Sorry for the missing building pictures but I havent really planned to put this together. I was just looking for a new PC to work with as my old one got way outdated. Saw the Phantek Evolv Shift case and fell in love with it. Its not the best hardware but as im only trading stocks and not gaming this build is overkill for me anyway.

I wanted the system to run cold, silent and efficient in a small case and look as cool as possible - I think i reached those goals.

Building Process

As you probably know the NZXT Kraken isnt supposed to fit in there but i managed to do it. The PSU is sitting on top of the radiator now. I replaced the stock fans by two Silent Wings 3 and a Noctua Chromax sitting below the Radiator. Putting all this together was a lot of work, cable management was hell - I probably put everything together and took it apart again at least 5-6 times to make this look as clean as possible.

I put a lot of attention into the details, like having the PSU completely blacked out, adding things like the grid above the radiator fan or the exact amount and positioning of the lighting. I started to mask some areas of the RGB strip cause i felt like it was too bright.

As the Z270i has no USB 2.0 Header i had to get a Mini USB to USB A cable and connect the Kraken Pump to one of the external USB slots on top, to be able to control the pump via software. The CPU cable from the PSU was too short so i needed an extension cable to wire it behind the motherboard for a clean look. Bunch of other issues with such a small case as you can imagine - lot of trail and error - but damn i had fun building this even though it felt like a decade until i finally finished it.

Heat and Noise: Deadsilent ICEBOX

Having two quality fans sitting at the bottom in push pull configuration and a Silent Wings 3 chassis fan at the top as exhaust is doing wonders. I also delidded the I7 6700k, applied liquid metal and undervolted it as much as possible. The system is running stable without compromising the performance while increasing efficiency and reducing heat. As this system is overkill for me anyway i wont need any overclocking etc. The box is sitting right beside my right ear on my desk and i cant hear it.

CPU Temps

(All fans and pump in silent mode)

Idle: 26°

Under Load during stress test : 50°


Took couple quick shots and i love it. Looks even cooler in reality.

Never attempted something like this but im very happy with the outcome!

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ServaL 2 Builds 3 points 13 months ago

I like the colors and I like what is small

good job man

MasSS submitter 1 Build 1 point 13 months ago


SomeHoney 2 points 13 months ago

Now I want a Kraken in my Shift aswell :( :D

Nine11 2 points 13 months ago

Coolest shifty so far

Lancehead1 1 point 13 months ago

Holy that looks sick! Nice build

annasoh323 3 Builds 1 point 12 months ago

A shame that you're only able to put a 1050Ti in there right now. Have you got any pictures of more of the internals? Having seen a couple of builds in this case on YT and PCPP, I'm eager to see your take on cable management and the like. But, I understand that having opened and closed it as many times as you have, you aren't really keen to go back in. What else do you do with this computer other than stare at its beauty (because that's probably all I'd be able to do if this was my build).

ILuv2geam 1 point 11 months ago

Is the kraken performing well in this case? How are temps? I know this case isn't the greatest when it comes to airflow so I'm considering an aio for the cpu as well as an EVGA hybrid card. Do you think this case could accommodate BOTH of those coolers?

I must also ask: how did your kraken fit? In my parts list, I'm alerted that the kraken and the Shift are incompatible. Corroborating this, look at this guy's build description https://pcpartpicker.com/b/pYQZxr . He had to leave his glass practically OFF to fit that kraken radiator. Also, any issues with the riser cable not playing well with the GPU?

Swathe 1 point 11 months ago

OP mounted the kraken at right angles to the pics you linked, and then placed the psu above the edge of radiator, see how the cables are squashed against the frame, but this is not an sfx-L psu