So the purpose of this build was to play games at 1080p currently and 1440p soon. Games like Smite, BF4, FC3, etc. I know the cable management is bad this is due to it not being a modular power supply and the cord lengths are short

CPU: I chose the pentium for the reason that I got the $100 bundle at microcenter and I went with it. So far its pretty awesome for its price tag. I will get a i5 on black friday.

CPU Cooler: You might notice how I have the stock cooler on instead of this cooler. This is because the cooler broke, then I returned it and got the same one it then broke. So I returned and just slapped the stock cooler on.

Motherboard: It came with the bundle, cheap, has an upgrade path and well it does the job well.

RAM: I literally went to micro center (which is 15min away :) and got the ram that was on sale. It works well.

SSD: This was actually a gift and a SSD will change your life. Windows boots up in seconds it is awesome.

HDD: Was cheap and had great reviews it also works very well.

GPU: I waited for 3 months to get a 290 and this one was on sale. And my parents bought it for me surprisingly so thanks to them. It is HUGE and very quiet. I never drop below 60fps in FC3 and PS2 Ultra settings. It is awesome I can't recommend it enough.

Case: I wanted red and black and this was the perfect price. Looks cool and does the job for a good price.

PSU: It was on sale I heard good things about it so I got it. It works VERY well.

Keyboard: Once I saw an RGB keyboard I thought that I needed one. So I got one and it is awesome. The mechanical keys are awesome as well.

Mouse: I wanted red and black for a good price, if you are looking for a budget gaming mouse this one is awesome. Highly recommend it.

Monitor: I currently use a 1600x900 monitor that was free from my Dad. But I will get a 1440p monitor in june.

This is my build got a tight budget because I'm 14 and jobless. Overall very happy that I joined the masterrace

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  • 59 months ago
  • 1 point

I love the 135 dollar keyboard paired with a 14 dollar mouse ;) , can't judge since my peripherals are similar.

The cables are a mess. You should definitely give those a look, also Corsair has decent cable management so you should be able to get some good results. Also try and get the CPU cooler, it's much better than stock.

  • 59 months ago
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I actually use a 13 dollar mouse, a Shark gaming mouse that I've had for a little over a year now.. Although I don't have an uber expensive keyboard- a 20 dollar Logitech K360 that I'm in love with- the mouse is a kick *** little thing for the price.. I recommend it.. Anyways, rant over +1 to this build, such a nice build. The only thing I would have done is invested into an i3 4150 or a 4460 i5, instead of the g3258 but that 290 is a sweet deal!

  • 56 months ago
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Nothing wrong with that 20 dollar mouse. One of the best mice I still own is a Targus I bought from wall mart. I also own a razer abyssus.

Anyway. Work on that cable management, get a better K model CPU, and take some pictures in better light.