So I was tasked by a friend with a challenge. She wanted a computer built that would work with running online classes, would work with her home which is fully WiFi (most of her storage is on the cloud), allow for some gaming of her children (nothing crazy), able to possibly allow her to get back into graphic design, and able to be expanded in the future and under $1,000 (not including monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc...).

So this is what I came up with. I went with the i5-3570k because at the time it was the same price as many older chips. I went with the 8gb of memory for the graphic design option she wanted and memory is rather cheap. Unfortunately the MB was not designed the way I hoped. It was long and narrow so with the CM CPU cooler, if I wanted to toss more memory into the 2 remaining slots, I would have to move the fan to the other side.

As for storage, since she uses cloud storage for all her data, the SSD seemed like a no brainer.

I tossed in a 650 ti (apparently it was the SSC edition) for good graphics but not blow your mind as none of them are hardcore gamers and she isn't running a design studio but it still was running 40-50 fps on some benchmarks.

The only other issue I had was the case. I like the CM case but there wasn't really any room behind the MB tray for management. When I tried to pull the CPU power cord up and over, the plug was too big to fit between the space so I had to scrap that idea. The MB itself seemed to be designed for a PSU mounted above so all the case fan and PSU fan (haven't seen one of those in a while) connectors were in really annoying places. And the case cables themselves were all just a little too short for decent management so some just got strung across sadly.

So any tips, suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  • 83 months ago
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I agree with much of your commentary on the case. I have the same one. I'm going to switch it out as soon as I'm able. I hate the filters too. Trying to get them out to clean them is damn near impossible.

Actually this is very much like my build. I have a slightly different mobo, though it too is by Asrock, and thinner than a traditional ATX board.

  • 83 months ago
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Yea I have the Storm Enforcer and I do love the case. It definitely takes time to clean because of the filters being so hard to get to. That and the lack of grommets are my only real cons about the case.

Check out my build though, as the cable management can be done very cleanly with this case...even the 8pin cable being pulled behind the tray.