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Ryzen "I'll just upgrade my case" Build

by vlorg



Date Published

May 15, 2017

Date Built

May 13, 2017

CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

32.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

55.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate



This started as a simple PC case upgrade, but the empty void that was my old case had encouraged me to move my old parts back into it.

So here we are after three months, replacing part by part.

Parts notes

Ryzen 5 1600
I'm just happy that AMD finally has a competitive product again. Excellent value and can produce a reasonable over clock.

CPU Cooler
Corsair H110i (also known as H110i GT)

WARNING Minor compatibility issue with S340 case. Fan mounts on the radiator do not align with all the pre-existing holes on the case. You can mount one fan to the radiator, and the other to the case.

This was supposed to be an air cooler, but I lost patience waiting for my AM4 bracket to come in (4 weeks and counting). Ended up buying this CLC because it came with pre-existing compatibility with AM4. Overall pleasantly surprised, was expecting a serious noise increase but it's quieter than my old 212+ and it performs a lot better.

edit: It has been returned, defective fan controller. The search continues..

Motherboard & Memory
Gigabyte X370 Gaming 5 & Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3200Mhz (CL16)
A lot of Reddit users reported that Gigabyte had the best memory compatibility, so I ended up grabbing this Gaming 5. It won't allow me to boot with XMP, and stability was an issue when I tried running at spec. I was able to run at 29xxMhz without issues.

X-Star DP2710 (also known as QNix QX2710)
It's old but I love it. It can OC to varying success (110hz on mine), comes with a lousy plastic stand but it has standard VESA mounts. Ended up replacing the stand with an obnoxiously big desktop stand, seriously it's bigger than my table.

Part Reviews

Case Fan

Great price-performance ratio, but they produce an audible PWM ticking noise that is hard to ignore at low RPMs.

Comments Sorted by:

Nexus1TEN 3 points 7 months ago

should be a +1 for the burger

bradgnoyes 2 points 7 months ago

Looks good! I really like that case. I'm having regrets about not using it in my Ryzen build.

TechyinAZ 14 Builds 2 points 7 months ago

Another QNIX QX2710 fan!!! So how fun was it taking the stand out of the monitor? LOL. I had to do the exact same thing when I added my VESA mount to it.

vlorg submitter 1 Build 1 point 7 months ago

Oh the pain! So many scratches on the frame trying to pry it off, and if you don't tighten the stand enough it ends up pointing the ground. So glad it includes VESA holes.

Vairfoley 11 Builds 2 points 7 months ago

I love your setup. Very clean. nice work!

arom 2 points 7 months ago

Really nice setup, everything is very clean and it soothes my OCD.

Lyrix 2 points 7 months ago

Damn! 1+! looks cool! :D i like it!

mennoooowwww 2 points 7 months ago

nice setup man, i think i'm going to pick up a s340 elite too. the only thing is that the desk is soooooooo small, maby pick up a bigger one and your setup will look way better! And maby you can get a extended mousepad, but thats what i like.

SirHalpin 1 Build 4 points 7 months ago

yeah maybe get new carpeting and paint on the walls too probably

solson32 1 point 7 months ago


that_guy_sheridan 2 points 7 months ago

Nice build ! Looks great and is pretty powerful in my opinion.

blockbuster4664 1 Build 2 points 7 months ago

Your thought process "Hmm i think I'll upgrade my case. And while I'm at it I might as well do a new CPU motherboard graphics card ram SSD HDD power supply monitor... you know what. I think it might be worth it to just build an entirely new pc"

alsimoneau 1 Build 2 points 7 months ago

You basically did the build I'm planning ! (Still hesitating between the S340 elite and the P400s TG) +1, looks great !

Nullarc77 2 Builds 2 points 7 months ago

Looks great. These prices are so much lower in usd though. I know that it is the same amount but still. How is the mouse btw. I am looking into getting a new mouse and was thinking about the g502. How is the g402? I know it is really just a scaled down g502. Is the scroll wheel any good?

Jokin_Is_Here 1 point 7 months ago

how is the keyboard?

vlorg submitter 1 Build 1 point 7 months ago

It does all the necessary keyboard things.

The features are unmatched for in value when it's on sale. But I haven't quite gotten used to the feel of the Romer G switches. Their high actuation point makes me unintentionally hit keys sometimes, and they make a spring noise when typing.

Definitely try it before you buy if you're coming from Cherry MX.

Jokin_Is_Here 1 point 7 months ago

I'm coming from an HP stock keyboard. Would you recommend this ?; or would it be worth it to buy the G Pro for like 30 dollars more for the extra features and simplicity.

vlorg submitter 1 Build 1 point 7 months ago

I would recommend it, great entry level keyboard (when on sale) and if you're a gamer the switches are designed for you. The G Pro is a solid successor to the G410 since they added a metal backplate and more a conventional design, so it's up to you if it's worth the extra. Just be aware once you reach MSRP values of both keyboards, there's a lot more competition.

If care to read more about mechanical keyboards I recommend this wiki guide on /r/MechanicalKeyboards.

Jokin_Is_Here 1 point 7 months ago

Thanks for the advice!

RustyNickel 1 point 7 months ago

way did you go with the AX370 instead of the 350. future proofing?

vlorg submitter 1 Build 1 point 7 months ago

It was for future proofing, but honestly I should have just bought a B350 board and threw more money at my other components. Doesnt OC any better than B350, and I don't have any plans for SLI in the immediate future.

Why the Gaming 5? Aesthetics haha, great board but probably not worth the $30-60 premium

RustyNickel 1 point 7 months ago

Im going with the same cpu/gpu/ram setup, with the oc to 3.6-3.9ghz. Im sure it handles the 1440p 60hz monitor fine but how well do you think it would handle a dual monitor setup atleast 1440p 144hz (for gaming) and a 1080p 60hz (multitasking).

frazy 1 point 6 months ago

Yo, awesome build man. I bought the X370 Gaming 5 and Ryzen 5 1600. I wanted to ask, did you have any issues with compatibility? I know the initial BIOS doesn't support Ryzen 5. Did you have to update BIOS? Thanks.

vlorg submitter 1 Build 1 point 6 months ago


I don't remember running into any issues with my first boot up. Where did you read about that?

nightwingv 1 point 6 months ago

how is the corsair hydro working for you? got a similar build and wanna get the same cool for the exact same reason

vlorg submitter 1 Build 1 point 6 months ago

It worked great, however I had to return it because it had a defective fan controller. If you're curious, here's a quick 20 minute stress test I did on all the coolers I had installed on this machine.

Ambient 23C, 3.9Ghz @ 1.35, AIDA64 Stability Test

  • Cooler Master 212 Plus - 62C (temporarily cooler from old rig)
  • Cryorig H5 Universal - 61-64C (Current cooler, must have a TIM application issue since it should run cooler than a 212)
  • Corsair H110i - 53C (Custom fan curve, don't recall what it was but at 900-1000RPM it was at 55C)
  • Stock cooler - 70C+ @ 3.7Ghz
IHaveNoLife 1 point 24 days ago

How are you liking your SHP9500's??

[comment deleted]
[comment deleted]
[comment deleted by staff]
vlorg submitter 1 Build 1 point 7 months ago

Haha it's a beauty

I bought it from Target years ago, not even sure if they carry them anymore.

[comment deleted by staff]
ForeverAGoat 1 point 7 months ago

I have one, I got it as a Christmas gift when I was 13? round that age and I'm 20 now. so it's really been some years

[comment deleted by staff]
[comment deleted by staff]
[comment deleted by staff]
vlorg submitter 1 Build 1 point 7 months ago

I don't know what I can answer that hasn't been covered by reviewers or published benchmarks. It runs well, doesn't hesitate on anything, and I can do a reasonable over clock.