The Case was the Cooler master CM690 2 Advanced Black and White Edition, as it was about £20 cheaper then the black one.

Overall everything went well and works well, had some problems with the GFX card but its all good now. It just fit in and I mean just 5mill more and it would have been to big.

The HHD Sata hot swap dock on the top if the case is AMAZING, saves so much time just get your HDD you want to copy info off (my old laptop HDD) and click it in and your good to go, saves so much time.

DVD drive is noisy but, its only in use when I'm installing something, wont be used much, hence I got a cheap one.

What more can I say but I'm super happy with all the parts and the retails I got them from :)


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Why the 7950 instead of a 670 or 680?

  • 89 months ago
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you dont really need a $500 for gtx 680, 7950 is already enough to run every game nowdays

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the 7950 is better than a 670, and the 680 would be bottlenecked by the 3550p