This was my 1ST go at building my own PC. I wanted an All-Around Build. Something that would destroy almost anything I would though at it. Honestly never felt like I even got close to pushing it to its limits and i know this system has many years of life in it still. The CASE is actually a DEEPCOOL / GAMER STORM: GENOME II Since it wasn't an option I picked a random DEEPCOOL Case & Liquid Cooler. it didn't start as a DEADPOOL build, but it sure did end that way. With all the red and black at work here it just fell into place. Added some LEDs and some Figurines and I was done.

My Wire Management is on FLEEK!!!

Part Reviews


This chip made me a AMD fan boy. 8 core / 16 thread Beast.


Bought these while RAM prices where at their high, and still felt like it was worth it. loved these sticks and will surely buy them again for my next build.


Operating system, core programs, applications, and frequently played games. Fast and efficient and trustworthy brand


3TB of memory for $5.00 more then a 250GB SSD and with write speeds of 7200RPM. Very good back up to the more expensive SSD alternative.

Power Supply

A lot more power then I needed for my build but amazing to work with. quiet and efficient. But.. Who really needs an RGB power supply, or 850W. i got it at -$30 Off so i jumped on it. but i would have been fine with 650W unit


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Great Build! Excellent choice on parts as well. AMD is the way to go! I have a Deadpool build as well. It is a budget build so it doesnt compare performance wise.

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Thanks for the Compliments. It was fun putting it together. But now all I want to do is sell it so I can build another PC. Learned a lot the first time around. And hell yeah about AMD. 2700x with 8cores & 16threads for $300 or the i9 for $900. C'mon right?