Req·ui·em ?rekw??m/ noun noun: requiem; plural noun: requiems; noun: requiem mass; plural noun: requiem masses

(especially in the Roman Catholic Church) a Mass for the repose of the souls of the dead.
   - a musical composition setting parts of a requiem Mass, or of a similar character.
    -an act or token of remembrance.
    "he designed the epic as a requiem for his wife"

So named, as it was built in remembrance of its precursor "Attitude", an AMD Athlon II based dual-core. Attitude was destroyed on accident while prepping for my build "Uranium". I had been testing out my new 270X in it, to see if i could extend Attitude's life via a new graphics card. I went to pull the 270X out of the case and dropped a screw on the motherboard, TOAST! No post, no lights, no music, dead. Hell, I'll be honest, I just wanted to play with a new 270X! The cost of curiosity.

I was planning on giving my 6yo son my old machine to play on. It was almost as old as him, built around 2010. It had served me well, I traveled all over the United States for work and toted the old machine from Michigan to Georgia, 1000's of miles in an old suite case with a little 15" monitor for my downtime.

That brings me to Requiem, built so I could maintain my my new rigs purity. My son is actually a great gamer and loves Titanfall, L4D2, PvZ:Garden Warfare,Borderlands 1+2,Pre-sequel, Tomb Raider, etc.. He beat Gears of War 3 on his Xbox in 4 hours when he was 4. His mom got the Xbox in the divorce as well as my old quad core "Reborn". My new rig Uranium, Reborn's replacement, was something I want to limit his use of. After I had destroyed Attitude, I needed a replacement and quick! Fortunately, Intel blessed the PC community with mana from Santa Clara (manufactured in Costa Rica); the G3258.

Case: Thermaltake Versa H22 Plus, got this at Micro Center for 40 bucks! The Plus portion must be the 4-120mm case fans that came pre-installed. They are standard 120mm fans, no PWN, but this case has plenty of places to mount them. The front mounted intake fan has 2 blue LED's on it, the other 3 do not have lighting. Two are mounted on the top of the case but could be swapped out for a 120x240mm radiator. the forth fan is on the rear for exhaust. The side panel is perforated for additional fans also. Removal of the 3 case fans was necessary to mount the motherboard due to the fans blocking the screw holes for fastening it down. The fans could be put back in afterwards with ease making it not really an issue.

This case has a large cut out in back plate giving access for mounting aftermarket cooler brackets with the motherboard installed. It comes with stand offs for use with an mATX board. The holes are not marked for the three you need to install for mATX but its easy to figure out. The brass stand offs take a smaller black screw included in the packaging. There are other larger screws for use in the built-in stand offs, see the pictures for reference, I reused larger silver screw for the standard holes.

There is decent space for cable management behind the motherboard tray with slots in most of the places you need. There is no opening at the top of tray, it maybe possible to snake a cable between the tray and the motherboard although I have not tried. My power supplies CPU connectors are a little short but did make it using the cut outs provided. The back panel is raised to give some spare room for cabling underneath when installed.

The metal is kinda thin but it was only $40 bucks, lots of fans, cable management, not bad bang for the buck.

CPU: The unlocked dual core everyone loves, the Intel G3258, overclocks, runs games great, low power and was less than 50 bucks at Micro Center! Believe the hype!

CPU cooler: Hyper T4, on par with the 212 Evo but shorter. Idle temp is 29C, it just works.

Motherboard: Asus Z97m, there are a bunch of versions of this board, built another rig on the ITX version. Tons of features/ports ;M.2,usb 3.0/2.0, PCIE 3.0 and official overclocking.

Storage: Silicon Power S60 120GB SSD for the OS and a game or two. At around $50, reads over 500mb/s and give 10 second boot times. Mechanical HDD, a ubiquitous WD Blue 1TB from Micro Center for an unbelievable $39.99! it spins like a coked out DJ and for a lot cheaper.

Graphics Card: EVGA 750 Ti Superclocked, picked up on clearance at Micro Center (that place is amazing but hard to leave with anything in your bank account) for $120, a massive step up from the EVGA GTX 550 Ti in the machine it replaced had. No need for extra power connector and plays games with decent framerates.

Memory: 2 different kits of DDR3 1333, I want 8 gigs and this was the most affordable way to achieve it.

PSU: EVGA 600B, carried over from them previous build, single rail, 80+ bronze, 'nuff said.

This build does give room for some future upgrades, ram, CPU, videocard, etc.. I may change out the i5 in my rig, Uranium, to an i7 or new Broadwell chip. Then the i5 will go into Requiem. This build was assembled in about four hours and I am pleased with the results. I almost want to call this the Micro Center build because 60% of the parts came from there. If you think brick and mortar stores are dead, you have never been to a Micro Center. If there is a Micro Center with in a few hours drive of you, make the trip! It could save you some cash on your CPU at minimum, they typically run $50-60 less then Newegg on K series i5/17's ! I bought most of my other build from Newegg but my CPU's at MC for this reason.

I have not spent anytime to overclock other than with the Asus AI suite wwhich bumped it up to 3.6ghz. Here is the 3D Mark Fire Strike score link: , if anyone is interested. Thanks for reading and Build on!


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+1 For the description and the build itself.

Good job!

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Ew...Thermaltake case...don't care that you got it for 40 bucks that company is still gross and you shouldn't buy their products. Thermaltake makes their cases with the cheapest metals possible and with no regard to original designs or even good quality. They also have 8GB ram kits for like 45 bucks..

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My friends bought the Thermaltake H21 cases for their build. While they aren't close to the same quality as my NZXT Phantom, they weren't the worst case I've ever worked in.

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As far i could tell the H21/22/23/24 are built on the same internal frame. Its the front/side/io panels that are different.

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It wasn't my first choice, no doubt! I really wanted to use a Bitfenix Neos for this build but didn't want to spend $100 on a case, you know twice as much as its CPU, seemed like a poor choice for a 6yo pc.