This is my first build and I am happy with my outcome. I was very nervous when I got all my parts about putting them all together but it was no sweat. I built this for mainly for internet exploring and the idea of just playing wow and managing my music, I have not played xbox in months so I may try other games on it except for first person shooter games, Diablo looks cool and a few others. I will not be overclocking so there is no point of commenting on that, I did come to find that I could have went with a cheaper m/b like a h77 but oh well I'm happy with the z77. I was originally going for a price range of 500 dollars but found out I couldn't get it in that price range with everything I wanted and for it not to be out of date in a year or two. I purchased everything from newegg simply for bundling everything together on a card with no interest for a year. The only thing I am not happy about is the bluray dvd player, later finding out that you need to purchase the software in order to play bluray, which is my fault for not looking at the description on newegg, so if anyone has any history in which software would be the best feel free to let me know. There have been a lot of negative comments about the case but I went with it anyways because it was a good price with a great size side panel to see my hard work, the cable management isn't that great but I think I did a great job and it wasn't all that hard to tidy it up a little. I have 4 fans, 2 blue for intake (1front, 1bottom) and 2 red fans for outtake (1 back, 1 top) which I had just the one in front for a week and did fine but adding 3 more brought the under load temp down by 10c and added a breeze that I can feel on my feet. The cpu stand is nice, I wanted to keep it off the ground and since I use my living room sharp 32 inch 1080 and I sit on my gaming chair I can roll it right next to me. I would like to add a ssd storage card in the future for the extra little speed but didn't feel it was necessary at the moment.

Thanks for looking at my first build!


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