This PC of mine was upgraded several times over the years... First I grabbed a 380X to replace an old Powercolor 6970. Then I made the big upgrade by replacing the "core", IE: jumping to Ryzen, DDR4, and the new motherboard and CPU cooler as the Hyper 212 Evo is kinda ugly and aint nobody got time for taking a CPU cooler off a CPU once it's mounted. The most recent step was getting a new case, as my Arc Midi R2 no longer really appealing to me, and blinging it out with some LED strips.

Now you might ask, why did you get a ATX case when you have a microATX motherboard? Well... Fractal Design didn't have a micro version of the Meshify C yet when I bought the case. But still, it's actually roughly the same size as the Arc Midi R2 so it's not really a big deal. shrug

But yeah, this build as served me well for casual,1080p gaming. Everything I play runs a great FPS with max settings; except for a heavily modded Skyrim, but that's an unoptimized, buggy mess that will eventually break a computer cause people will just be encouraged to add more mods until it does start to break.


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Hey, I want to buy a gaming rig and I'm interested in buying your computer. I'm not sure if this is a scam or not but I'm willing to talk about it. I have the money and everything but I just want to make sure I really want it. Thank you!