Hello! My Uncle decided to give me a call about his eight year old PC that just decided not to work. I was initially going to fix it but after pricing the HSF, PSU, and Ram Modules (DDR2) that would need to be replaced he decided that maybe it was time to just replace it completely. So, I give to you "Der Ersatz" (The Replacement).


  • To create a well rounded, reliable, machine for regular use and business work.
  • Get his Epson Dot Matrix Printer to work with the computer.

Shout Out: I'd also like to shout out to skemble. I kind of stole your format! I have basically read all of your builds and you are definitely an inspiration to the building world! Keep it up! If taking your format isn't okay please send me a PM and I'll change it up, Thanks!



The Intel G3258. So, the main reason of this build is basically to build a business/home use computer. It doesn't need to do anything fancy and this processor is more than capable of doing those tasks. I honestly was initially looking at a Kavari based A6 APU. When I found this bad boy along with the Z97 MSI PC Mate for ONLY $100.00 at Microcenter I SPRINTED, LEAPED, and GALLOPED to get it!


First of all, I love products from MSI. They seemingly are always on top in quality and I would much more prefer high quality products even if it means spending a few extra dollars. Obviously in this case I had the luxury to a combo deal and I got best of both worlds! Two quick notes, however. First off, I didn't really O/C too much on this board. I haven't dropped it off yet so I may have a bit more time to play with it before, and if I do I will totally update this! Regardless I feel it's a pretty slick mobo.


You know, G.Skill makes some good memory. Seriously. I've used it three times in the past and this is my fourth (3 x 1866, 2133, including this build). All four times it hit it's rated speed with no problems.


A SSD would have been nice here, but volume was necessary. Due to this being a business/home use build, I wanted to ensure he had plenty of space for all of their documents, pictures, and so forth. I used WD Blue here due to it's outstanding quality.


I originally ordered the NZXT Source 220. After seeing this case for the same price as the Source I contacted Newegg to cancel my order! In general, I loved building in this case. Some knocks were that there weren't many places to lock zip ties to. This caused some tight cable management because I needed to route cables to each of the available areas in order to keep the cables from being loose. Another thing I didn't like was you have to take off the front and back panel to remove the front plate. Not that big of a deal but if you have a lot of cables this could be a problem. I really liked how one of their mounting stands had a little nub in it that 'guided' the motherboard exactly where it needed to be in order to screw it down. Really clever idea and should be a standard for all cases.


So I know many people knock the Corsair CX series for what ever reason. In general, I like them for daily use, non-gaming, non-ocing, builds. In my opinion, you can't really go wrong with grabbing one of these for a general build!


I really enjoyed this build. I felt like everything worked pretty well together and that this will be the perfect build for my Uncle!

This is my first build posted so I would love some constructive criticism!


Sorry for some pictures being distorted due to the sun light. I'm going to invest in a table for our basement but for now I have to use the dinning room table.

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Nice budget build. Did one very similar for my father-in-law. Lucked out and got a 'scratch&dent' 300r case for price of a 200r. Used the MSI 'auto' over-clock and cranked the 3258 up to 4.3Ghz with no problem using the stock Intel cooler. Grandpa does not use the machine for anything really serious though, so heat is not a problem. Also set up as 'dual boot' with Linux PCLOS with no problem.

Your build may benefit from a 'cooler' ala hyper 212. A small SSD for OS booting really will make a difference in boot time. Machine definitely build to a need.


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Thanks for the support! I really did enjoy this build. I would probably have O/Ced it as well as included an SSD + 212 if I was going to keep it. Since he's just going to be doing business work and casual (probably no more than 50% CPU usage at a time) surfing the web, I didn't feel those were necessities. I did really enjoy the CPU though. For being the "lowest" tier Intel you still get a great CPU!

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my build was very similar, same cpu , mobo , and hd.

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Very nice! Do you like yours?

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Doesn't the G3258 only support 1333/1600-RAM memory? Or does it depend on what the MOBO supports?

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Yeah, the G3258 supports 1333/1600 RAM. I used the XMP profile, it loaded correctly, and showed up on CPU-Z @ 1866. I then stress tested it and it came back clean so I took it as it was. I'm not sure if it's fully utilizing the capabilities but for the price, I couldn't pass up on the kit!