Hey guys here the build I put together for my first time. Not my first gaming-ish rig though.

Old PC is the IBUYPOWER case.

I bought a PC that had some low-mid grade parts last year from craigslist, I had to upgrade a few parts like GPU, PSU, HDD and RAM, but I couldn't get upgrade CPU because the motherboard was LGA 1156, I stuck it out for a year until last month my video card started acting weird, fan wouldn't spin sometimes. Freeze up my computer, or shut my display off.

So I decided that if I have to buy a new card, it won't be the same outdated model, it will be a better one, but if I have to spend that much money on a card, why don't I just buy a whole new build to go with it and do it justice. So I only bought what I need and stripped the working parts from my old PC, which were the RAM, HDD, PSU, and HDD.

Bought new:

-Case is now an NZXT Guardian 921 RB.

-Motherboard from Asus P8775 PH or something like lol, it's from 2009 or 2010, upgraded to an Asus P8Z77-V LK

-CPU from i5 750 Lynnfield Bridge >>> i5 3570k Ivy Bridge

-GPU from 560 Ti >>> GTX 760.

-Monitor from an Asus 19 inch with 1440x900 Res. to an Asus VS238H 23 inch with 1920x1080 res... and my oh my, is the difference is picture quality outstanding.


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My side fan worked at first but when I took the side off, I dropped the side about 5 inches from the ground and I guess that's what made it stop working because I've tried both the motherboard connector and molex connector and neither give it power, only the LED gets powered on, both don't have to be plugged in at the same time right?

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Great Scott!!!! your computer is powered by a flux capacitor. If you're gaming at 88mph do you travel back in time?

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overpriced PSU, MOBO could be better for same price.

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At the time I bought my PSU it was like 70-80 dollars. It went up sometime recently, I don't know why. But I bought that PSU like late 2012.