This is my portable machine, i went through many iterations before settling on this. It is primarily for Media and Gaming when i need to travel or when it is sitting at my bedside. The build is themed after Witcher 3 with the PC being named Geralt of Rivia and the Drives being Yennifer and Triss. The Keyboard and mouse lighting is synced up with the Glyphs that are also the desktop background. So alot of problems came about with this build. First was This build originally was on a mATX board in a Cooler Master Q300L case with worse drives 4 4gb sticks of ram rgb fans and a XFX 4g RX 480. It also had a lesser monitor that was mounted to the case with a vesa mount to create an all in one with a power strip mounted to it. I was trying to keep it all together as an all in one style pc for travel but found it easier to go with this build and carry my monitor. Now once this was built i ran into a few issues that caused some changes. Issue Number 1 was easy and already known going in, i had to remove the ram heatsink. Issue Number 2, the fans are in the gpu chamber and this motherboard has no way to control fans through any software other then by CPU temp. So this was fixed with The NZXT Grid and using the CAM software to control them, but then the next issue comes with the Grib, the PSU for this case only has 2 Sata ports and no molex so in comes the sata to dual sata plus sata to molex connector. Any gpu in this case was idling at close to 70c without the fans now it will idle at 35c,. The reason for the change in GPU is actually a stupid one, but i have the Nvidia sheild hooked up to my TV and sometimes i want to stream a game to it so i needed an Nvidia GPU with gamestream capability.

Part Reviews


This CPU was a great find for a used build to have a low power CPU that is still quad core with at least 3Ghz clock speeds, and turbos to 3.5 plenty good for my builds purpose.

CPU Cooler

Such a great Cooler for SFF cases, my first noctura product and i love it

Thermal Compound

Great quality thermal paste included with my cooler


Its an older board so i cant fault it too much, honestly the worst part to me is the old ASRock Bios all other issues of this board for me were caused by needing things that are more mainstream now like built in fan control


Great ram and runs at its advertised speeds


Always have loved Crucial SSDs as they offer the same performance as samsung and save you some cash


Great 2.5" SSHDD that is good for storage when you dont have 3.5" bays

Video Card

My second 970 and this one runs better then my last one and is second hand great card from MSI and still holds up in 2019


The perfect case for my SFF needs with a decent PSU included

Case Fan

Quiet, Powerful, and thin, perfect fans


One of the best monitors i have ever had and never have had screen tearing even with a 1080ti hooked up to it, i recommend this monitor to anyone still even though it has no freesync or Gsync


Great for a membrane keyboard but if you want mechanical you can get a better one for this price


Great budget mouse with DPI switching and two side buttons, great for FPS


This is a good headset but it does have a weird sound to it in comparison to any other headset i have owned and the mic is horrible


Great Wireless adapter can keep up with my wired 250mbs download speed


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I like that case. It is small and still easy to work in.