This parts list started as a gaming machine with the most recent components on the market for speed and performance. I wanted to be able to build a computer that would easily last 6-8 years playing the newest games on the optimal settings. It started a few months ago before the crypto boom, and originally had a water cooled 1080TI and a open style case. Well that card cannot be bought for very cheap at the moment, so I went with a (only slightly) cheaper option and a different theme. I found the Thermaltake View series cases, and tailored the rest to fit with the Thermaltake RGB fans. Motherboard and Ram will also light up with a controller that will link with the fans. How bright will it be....who cares i can always turn it off:) The addition of 16GB of ram at the moment is unnecessary, however in a few years, it can always be added to speed things up and to fill in those empty, could be lit up, memory slots. There will also be a time when the 500GB HD will need to be supplemented with a 1-2TB hard drive.

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