My friends saw my build and said it looks like a milk crate. That is now the name of it.

Part Reviews


Got a hell of a deal with this processor, Best Buy had this for 429.99 however Micro Center had it for 329.99. As for performance, this processor work perfectly for the gaming and some streaming. I have it overclocked to 4.5GHz, it does get a tad bit warmer but my AIO should cool it just fine.

CPU Cooler

Keeps my OC 9700K cool as hell, the cost compared to the H100i RGB is like 15 bucks which I thought was definitely worth it. You do have a ton of cable coming off the cpu block, which will mean more cable management.


Its a good mobo however, it would be better off going with the Strix model due to the lack of wifi antenna thingies, the money you'll save with going with this one will be about the same you spend on a wifi adapter.

Video Card

Works amazing, however can get warm with heavy load (duh). If you want better cooling get the strix model with a triple fan


Milk crate... But in all seriousness careful with this case, its smaller than other cases and I found this out the hardware when my original Strix 2080 didn't fit with my front mounted AIO.

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Beefy gpu!