Finally, decided to upgrade my desktop after 6 years. I was able to get the parts at cheaper prices. The estimated cost of the components are listed below.

CPU & MOBO Bundle: $ 609.98 CPU COOLER: $179.99 RAM: $ 92.99 x 2 = $ 185.98 GPU: $ 519.99 SSD: $ 139.99 Monitor: $ 329.99 PSU: $ 124.98 WIFI Adapter: $ 56.99 Case: $ 132.21 120MM Case Fan: $ 35.99 140MM Fans: $ 86.74 Headset: $ 69.99 Keyboard: CTRL Massdrop $ 229.99 Mice: $44.99

Total: $ 2747.81 (California tax not included)

Part Reviews

Case Fan

In the market, I personally think that Corsair makes the best RGB fans for lighting aesthetics and performance. I have two 140mm fans installed in the front of my case and those work perfectly fine without any issues. However, the reason that I rate these fans at 4 is because the lighting node pro has connectivity issues. Currently, I have one 120mm fan, and two 140mm fans connected to the RGB hub. Only 140mm fans are able to be controlled through the corsair software. I'm not exactly sure what is causing the 120mm fan to be uncontrollable. But anyways, since these are premium fans, I expect better quality control from Corsair especially since I'm very loyal to Corsair products.

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  • 3 months ago
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Did you have to do anything extra to the case to make the H150i fit?