I use it for gaming and video making mostly. Performs amazingly, and I've never had a problem with it so far. Best thing is it's virtually silent, even with the NZXT fans going full power i don't hear anything. Load up time is great and restarting is very fast. Only problem i had was the cords on the OCZ PSU, they are kinda short and the phantom is a big case, they all fit but as you can see the main power source cable only barely fit into the slot. Cable management with the phantom kept everything clean, alot more pleasing to open it up and see this instead of a monstrous wreck of cords.

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  • 89 months ago
  • 1 point

Have you tried recording games with a program like fraps? I'm looking to build something similar and I'm curious as to whether the 4100 can handle it.....

  • 81 months ago
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Yeah i still make videos on it constantly using DxTory. I used to use fraps and it works great.

  • 79 months ago
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Did you switch out the CPU cooler or is that an old pic? And just a suggestion about the PSU you could flip it so the cords are on the inside the fan will also be pulling in cool air from the bottom of the computer and it'll make the power cord for the MB a tiny bit longer.