First build in about 8 years! I have been using Mac's and felt like it was about time that I get a PC again. I purchased about everything at Microcenter price matching with Amazon and Newegg. I was originally going to order parts online but the sales associate at Microcenter said why not price match? So why not get all my parts all at once so I don't have to wait! =)

Color Scheme: My current color scheme is black and white but will eventually go black and green. I changed the H100i LED lights to green already but you can't really tell in the pictures.

Case: I went with the Corsair 350D because my apartment in NYC is quite small and didn't feel the need for a big tower. I love this case and fits everything perfectly for me. I may add LED's in the future? Haven't decided yet let me know your opinions.

Motherboard: I picked the Asus Gryphon because of the Thermal Armor. I get pretty indecisive so this allows me to change my color scheme in the future if needed. Also, I was pretty limited since I could only fit a Micro ATX board in this case.

CPU: i7 was a must since I will be doing photo/video editing as a hobby on top of gaming. Plus, Microcenter had a great deal for this with the Asus Gryphon board. I was able to overclock it to 4.4 GHZ at 1.25 volts with no problem. The temperature went up from base only about 2*C.

Cooler: Had to go with the Corsair H100i since my case could fit it and needed something to keep my temperatures low for the i7 and overclocking.

Memory: 16GB for me is plenty for now and will most likely upgrade to 32GB in the future. I figured I'd get the Corsair Vengeance since most of of parts are Corsair already.

Harddrives: I got the Samsung 840 EVO 250 GB SSD from Microcenter for a great deal. They were able to price match with Amazon for $139 plus there was a manufacture promotion for an additional $10 off. Will have to get another SSD in the near future since my drive is already more then half full with Windows 8.1 OS, programs and games. I got a 2 TB Seagate drive as my secondary for all of my media storage.

GPU: Originally I wanted to go SLI but didn't feel the need for it since I don't game hardcore. I felt the EVGA GTX 770 was perfect for me. I am still deciding if I should return the ACX model for the one with the Titan casing since I love how the logo lights up green. Was doing some research and people mentioned that it may not be worth it since it is $50 more and runs hotter.

Fans: Went for all Corsair to match the case and the fan rings allowed me to customize my color scheme. Plus these are awesome are they not? I had some troubles in the beginning trying to get the fans just right. I originally purchased 2 AF120's for my radiator and realized that they didn't function to peak. I found out that I needed to get the SP120's to push air correctly through my radiator. Then I had trouble controlling my fans from Corsair Link and had to return again to get the PWM (4 pin) version. For the rear, I used a AF120. In the front of the case, I went for 2 AF140 Quiet Editions. Overall, my machine is really quiet and I can barely hear it running at standard settings. I am pretty sure once I increase the RPM's for maximized gaming it will be much louder.

PSU: Went for the RM750 since I felt like the AX760i wasn't worth the extra price. I was also able to price match this for $119 so I couldn't complain. I may buy some colored cables for my PCI-E and 24 pin connectors since I don't really like the cables that this power supply came with. Corsair has the wire kit for $79 but I feel that is way too much! I will have to do some research to find some 3rd party cables.

Monitor: Picked the ASUS VN279QL and I love it! The thin bezel is awesome and the colors on this thing are so vibrant. I will have to calibrate the colors a bit more when I get a chance. Anyone got any tips and drinks on doing so? I originally wanted 3 24-inch monitors but I don't think it would have fit or looked right in my apartment. The 27 inch has more than enough for now, still taking a bit of getting used to the size.

Keyboard/Mouse: I purchased a Razer Copperhead years ago and it still works great so didn't feel the need to buy another mouse. I had to get the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Elite 2014 so I could match the green LED lighting to my mouse. Plus who doesn't love mechanical keyboards?! I originally purchased the Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Red but didn't like it very much. I can say playing Titanfall on it is pretty awesome but made alot of mistakes typing. Plus, the new 2014 Blackwidow has the new Razer Green switches which feel like they are between the MX Brown and Blues.

Speakers: Opted for the Logitech Z553 for the look and size. I like the look of these and they fit perfectly on my desk. I didn't feel the need for the higher watt speakers since I have a pretty good sound system for my TV already which I have my computer hooked up to. These work perfect for everyday and I use my Bose Quiet Comfort 2's for gaming.

Please share your thoughts below and let me know if you had similar experiences. I will post more pictures along the way when I get some more time.

Thank you and enjoy!

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  • 73 months ago
  • 3 points

That PSU should probably be flipped. Right now it's fighting for airflow with your GPU. If the fan is face down, you can keep the airflow contained within the PSU, from bottom through to back. Unless you have carpet directly underneath the case?

  • 73 months ago
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That's what I figured. I was watching some build videos on YouTube and sit seemed like a lot of people preferred to put it on the top. I will probably switch it when I get home. Plus the fan for the PSU has yet to turn on yet, I guess I haven't pushed it to the max yet lol.

  • 73 months ago
  • 2 points

Excellent job! I love that case and you picked some great parts to go in it. +1

  • 73 months ago
  • 2 points

I'd fefinitely flip the PUS, other than, very nice. I just picked up a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 keyboard last week, and LOVE the thing. I see it's not marked as purchased is why I am commenting on it. Paired up with a Razer Deathadder mouse, completely tranformed my gaming. Amazing how much better a gaming keyboard and mouse can be!

  • 73 months ago
  • 1 point

I just saw you got the 2014 with the green switches, I am jealous!

  • 73 months ago
  • 1 point

Yeah just got it! You should return the 2013 and order the 2014 on Amazon.