This is the first computer I've ever built on my own. I intended to make it sort of a budget build where I got all the things I needed (The computer itself, monitor, and peripherals) while also being powerful enough to play the games that I wanted to play without having to sacrifice graphics or framerates.

Because of this, I felt like I had to choose older parts to keep the build under $800 (including rebates and deals) which is what I had, but looking back I feel like I could've chosen better parts that were newer and better while also still being within my price range. For instance, I could've and should've replaced the first-gen Ryzen CPU with a second-gen and maybe I could've opted for a motherboard with a newer chipset for the sake of future-proofing. Nonetheless, for less than $800 this build allows me to play my Steam library at high settings.

Overall, everything worked and fit into place except for a small plastic piece around the USB-C header at the bottom of the motherboard which snapped off because of how tight the cable was. Anyways, I'm pretty happy how this turned out.

Part Reviews


For such a cheap CPU it absolutely blew away my expectations. Everything performs well.


Has enough PCI-E slots for everything I need. Every header is easy to access but are also pretty fragile.


It's memory. It's alright but there are cheaper options that are faster, plus some games and programs are barely usable with only 8 GB of ram. I'll probably need 8 more gigabytes soon.


Killer SSD for the price.


It's cheap and hasn't caused any problems for me yet. It makes loud clicking noises often though when accessing files which is pretty annoying though.

Video Card

Got this for sale and it's pretty good and plays games at high settings. However when playing even non-intensive games the fan gets really loud and noticeable.


Absolutely awesome little case that is both stylish and cheap. It has a lot of space and straps in the side for cable management and the combined connector for power, sound, USB, etc. is highly appreciated. The case however scratches easily which somewhat ruins the look.


I got it cause Corsair's mechanical keyboards are expensive and this one does the job fine and has RGB.


Absolutely recommend it. It delivers good sound quality and even has a subwoofer included.

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