*edit--Sorry for the compressed pictures my internet would time out with a file size large then this.

I have just gotten around to updating this system with almost a complete rebuild.

I use this system mainly for school work (Architecture CAD, photo and video editing, and gaming.

The hardest part of updating the system was just trying to get the board to post with the ram that I had. It took almost 3 hours of tinkering and bios updates to finally get one with the cpu and ram overclock that i wanted to get a still be stable after spending half of that time finding the other bank of dim slots does not work but o well I don't really need to upgrade to more ram with this system as I have a DDR4 build in the works.

The prices that are black are parts that I got either used or on a great sale

The gpu came with the red nzxt g10 and corsair h50 liquid cooler 210 craigslist find. I took the gpu out of the cling wrap and static bag with seal so great steal.

Part Reviews


Works great overclocks to 4.75 like a champ all day at 1.24v

CPU Cooler

Keeps my i7-3820 cooled to 34c at idle and 45 load at 4.75gh


Little tricky to get working but once it got working it has been completely rock solid

Video Card

Not on the stock cooler so the review is with a g10 an h50

Got a nice 100mhz oc out of the core and looks a lot better and a absolute ton quieter with the new cooler on it. never goes above 54 on the core


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Nice deal on that 290X!

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Can I ask what other settings in the BIOS you were using for your overclock? to hit 4.75 im looking at more like 1.42v. I have the same CPU cooler so heat is not an issue. Thanks.