This is my first build and I hope you like it. Sorry for the bad camera. I think my temperatures are all right but you can be the judge of that. For under load I ran cinebench r20 twice in a row (I started the second test as fast as cinebench would let me) and estimated the average. For the gpu I ran unigine heaven everything maxed out and estimated the average. (Btw cpu clock speed is all core during cinebench and gpu clock speed is boost clock during the heaven benchmark. The idle temps are at their regular clock speeds without turbo.) I hope my cable management is fine!

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Great motherboard with a great feature set. The vrm temps are good and my ram is running at its rated speed. I would like to point out the m.2 heat spreader is not very good for long term use like large downloads (probably should have kept the m.2 heatsink that came with my drive) and it comes with a bad bios pre-installed (not like it was hard to use, but after about 2 weeks of use my computer randomly crashed and it was fixed by a bios update. Others had similar experiences from this mobo so i have to assume it is the bios.) Overall it's a great board.

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nice build