Over the past few months I've upgraded my NAS into a fairly capable Plex server. 46 TB of storage (32 TB dedicated to just media for Plex) and still room for expansion. Other storage is used for backups and non Plex content. This setup is running SnapRAID which is protecting 5 data disks in the event of a drive failure.

I've also increased the hard drive capacity with the Dell PERC H310 (Flashed to IT mode) and added the Rosewill RSV Cage so I can now hold 12 3.5" drives in total. This became a necessity when I picked up my latest two 8 TB drives and ran out of mounting space.

Part Reviews


8 cores 16 threads and runs pretty cool. This was the best bang for the buck for a LGA 2011 compatible CPU for this board.

CPU Cooler

Cheap and does a good job cooling. Fan doesn't spin as low as I would like and I had to cut the leads to the hideous blue LED's to turn them off.


The one true NAS drive in this machine and it's seen it's use. Over 52,000 power on hours and still runs like new.


Picked this one up before Christmas as the price was a steal at the time. 4,000 power on hours.


This drive is used strictly for OS backups of other machines around the house and backups of other important files. Over 43,000 power on hours and still runs like new.


This case is at least 4 years old now and has seen two different setups in it. For a budget case at the time, I've sure got my money out of it. 8 hard drive bays was a major selling point when I purchased it and recently expanded it to 12.

Power Supply

Been buying EVGA PSU's for years for a reason. Good quality and price. Also has 9 SATA power cables included so I didn't have to use a bunch of SATA splitters/extenders.

Case Fan

For the price it's hard to beat these fans. 3 of them are actually the TC model which I have in front of the drives with the thermal control probe laid in between the drives as you can see in the pick. This allows the fans to automatically increase RPM when the drives get warmer and decrease the RPM when the drives cool off. Keeps the drives in the mid 30's temp wise which is perfect.

External Storage

Shucked 4 of these and they handle the bulk of my storage with one of them also being the parity drive for SnapRAID. None of them have more then 2,000 hours on them yet so we will see how they hold up. They are apparently white labelled NAS drives so their shouldn't be any issues.


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