I went for the Cooler Master Elite 130 because it was the smallest miniITX I could find that would fit a full sized graphics card in (plus it's pretty good looking). I went for a Z170 chipset on the motherboard, and maxed it out with 32GB RAM. I opted for a fully modular PSU to reduce unwanted cables and increase space, plus that one was smaller. Ideally I'd like more HDD space, but the 500GB was on sale, and anything more seems a bit of a rip off. I'll probably end up getting a second eventually (there's space for 2-3 more). Windows 8.1 was the cheapest to buy, so I installed that (with an external DVD drive) and immediately upgraded onto Windows 10. As for the GTX 1070 G1, I thought I'd go all out and treat myself and have VR ready machine. The card's mega powerful, quiet.

Building it was all straight forward. I removed the side mounting tray because I wasn't going to use it, and I wanted more space for building. I also moved the PSU bar on the top of the case back a notch because my PSU is shorter. I was a bit nervous fitting in the Neptop 120XL for my CPU cooler, as I wasn't 100% sure it'd leave me with enough space. It fits in well though, snug beneath the CD/DVD tray, with 2 fans to keep the radiator cool. There's ample space behind it to fit in another SSD, and the graphics card fits in next to it no problems. However, because I was fitting my SSD into the CD/DVD tray, I could only mount it with one bottom screw, as the second screw hole was blocked by the radiator. I went for 1 screw in the bottom, and 2 in the side to keep it in securely (especially for when I'm shipping it). It's my first liquid cooled CPU, so I was a little nervous. But fitting it onto the 1151 mount on the processor was easy as, and fits in just behind the RAM. Everything else was pretty standard, just cable tied the wires to keep it all neat.

I did a bit of over clocking (real easy with the Gigabyte software), bumping the CPU up to 4.4GHz, and putting the graphics card into OC mode, and the RAM up to 2200Mhz. It runs quiet, keeps it cool, and is small and light. The wireless antenna being magnetic is a nice touch too.

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  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

Hi, an all in one cooler (1 fan) feet with the side bracket and a 3.5 hdd

  • 40 months ago
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Awesome build - Do you think this computer build would be suitable to bring on a flight as carry on luggage? Thanks!

  • 39 months ago
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I would get an air cooler for that, an AIO liquid cooler could have some leaks during transportation and possibly cause damage to the computer.

  • 37 months ago
  • 1 point

Size wise, possibly (although I've not measured). I think it'd go over the weight restrictions though.

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