this is my first build ...and it's an editing / light gaming rig

so that means ryzen :D

i based this build around the zen 2 and i thought to myself i really really need to upgrade from this 2014 imac that my parents gave me. as a video editor, cpu + ram + storage is what i really focused on

i did skimp out a little on the storage, will upgrade later but having a fast ssd to boot after effects on makes the experience feel absolutely amazing !!

i expected this gpu to bottleneck the system or atleast underperform but i tried out the games i casually play, rainbow six siege, overwatch, paladins.... and >100 fps at ultra settings is actually amazing for its price


the ONLY PROBLEM(s) i had during this build was..

well figuring out how to take out the front panel on the case cause i'm an idiot


RGB software. an absolute nightmare. okay so basically i DONT use asrock's polychrome rgb software. it doesn't allow the user to assign each individual led in the trident z royals and the gskill software turned out to not play nicely either. i had to boot into safe mode in order to completely uninstall both of the softwares and i found the fix.....

and it's hilarious.





yeah that's right, asus got it right- on an asrock motherboard. that was just stupid to think.

asus aura was able to configure the ram leds with no problems no weird system services that required me to uninstall and no reinstalling just stay on my pc forever now

don't mind the bad furniture i know its ugly its all from my mexican neighbors and the garbage ): i got them 13 yrs ago and i'm only a little older than these pieces of junk

Part Reviews


really nice for the price

CPU Cooler

decent thermals for an aircooler

really annoying fan mounting solution


pros -3 fan headers -lots of sata ports -looks decent -is a cheap x570 board -usb 3.2 on the back

cons -for some reason all the m.2 screw placements have layer of plastic that you have to poke to put in a screw ??? maybe thats normal but i'm pretty sure that would be counter intuitive to have that -i broke the lock in the main pcie lane because i couldn't pull my gpu out but it functions fine so uhhh lolol -no usb 3.1 connect for my front panel io ):


looks good is good feels good

too bright for me

Video Card

good price, i mean i wish i waited a little bit cause it went on sale 50 dollars off a week after i bought it

great 1080p card and very capable overclocking potential is nice


hot looking case, needs some more powerful leds in the front io but the modular design is beautiful and ooooooooh the white coat? it just feels like its a white metal. it feels solid EVERYWHERE. and even better, the tempered glass is almost completely not tinted. it also comes with a fan hub that you can control the speeds on the front. very nice.

Case Fan

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i can't hear them over my real fan


wow this looks better than i thought it would. 75 hz, decent anti-motion blur, decent color, low price, freesync, and thin as heck.

the glossy plastic is forgivable but ah those thin bezels are nice to look at

the logo isn't obnoxious and the menus are workable good product


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Consider upgrading the gpu soon, otherwise good build I'd say!

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agreed but i'll do it once it finally shows age

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its a g305 with lizard grips on the side and a 3d printed battery cover !! there's no painting involved in this just the color of the filament for the 3d print is pink haha

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Hows the PSU? I'm looking forward to getting the same one?

-Is it loud?

-Has it been breaking on you?

-How are the cables?

-How good is it overall?

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-it's not loud

-i can't plug it into a surge protector or else it stops electricity while playing games so i have to plug it into the wall

-it hasn't broken, seems pretty solid so far

-the cables are, well i'd say decent at best, not the neatest but they're all black which is nice to see on a cheap modular psu -

-overall i think its a pretty neat full modular psu, but i think you could get a better one on sale or just from a better brand

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Alright, thank you.

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good waifu choice +1