I wanted to build a PC for basic gaming and classwork while staying on a reasonable budget. I got an amazing deal on the video card, which was certainly the major splurge of this build, but I'm really enjoying it. Were I to build it again, I might go for the non-LE version of the motherboard, but at the time it was on sale with the AMD processor so I simply saved a bit that way.

Only problem so far was that the extra intake fan I added has a cord that doesn't reach the fan headers on the motherboard out of the box; that said, getting an extension cable is a quick fix.


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I'm a new PC gamer and I was just wondering if you have tested this build on games such as DayZ and Arma 3 etc. Please tell me it works because I really want to build a PC and I just don't know where to go Intel or Amd and I dont knowif this is the build for me.