This is my first build. Man it is a HUGE improvement over my super tiny core i3 intel integrated graphics laptops. Man I will never go back to intl graphics ever again. Did I mention I HATE intel integrated graphics. Never will by a computer that does not have a video card or an APU.

What this build is for -Gaming -Visual studio / other HTML programs -Photo editing -Web browsing -Programming -Occasionally to use it as a steam machine when my friends come over -Look cool -Color theme


Processor Had a $100 budget. Wanted something with real bang for your buck. Decided to go with AMD because I had been using intel and I know it sounds ridiculous but I was disappointed with my laptops performance (My day to day workload : 3 visual studios open, 20-50 Google chrome tabs, music,you tube, minecraft, filezilla and a photo editor all running on a small laptop) It was clear I need a large number of cores so I went with this great CPU. hasent slowed down yet. Note I am using the stock AMD fan and I havent had any troubles besides when I was playing some tomb raider it started sounding weird. Shut my P.C down , rebooted and it all was fine.

Please tell me if there any problems with this build and what you think of the cable management. Thanks.

Mobo (Motherboard) I went for this mobo because it supports crossfire, is full ATX, is from a trusty manufacturer. No complaints here.

Memory The memory I originally wanted was out of stock. I chose this because it had a cool heat sink and looked cool. (Did you know how good your computer looks affects it Performance JK XD). So far no problems expect I cant see the awesome heat sink easily from my case window because of were it is on the Mobo. Oh well I guess ill live [sigh]

Storage Fast, Cheap, reliable storage that has a TB capacity. I haven had any experience with SSDs but this storage is plenty fast for my needs.

Graphics Card I decided to go Team Red for this build. Sapphire is a lesser known company but they make some cool heating designs and I have heard that they are very reliable. Easy instillation and kick butt performance for $169 at the time. Since the prices have plummeted I may crossfire. This GPU kills skyrim, COD WAW, 60fps on sniper elite, 60fps on tomb raider at ultra minus shadows and AA all at 1080. Having some trouble with borderlands 2 thought (Bad frame drop in some areas). Will go AMD and sapphire again. Would recommend to anyone who is on a budget especially at the current price of $129.

Case Ahh Raidmax. I will break this part into pros and cons pros awesome looking case good amount of room place to tuck PSU cables side window quiet fan

Cons No front fans included Fans move little air plastic

All in all I would give raidmax a shot if you are on a budget, they are not that bad, they are cool looking and cheap!

OS Windows 8 is a great OS. Just ignore the start menu if you do not use it. You are not forced to use the metro view and I spend 99.999% of my time on the desktop and I think it is a great O.S. It is really fast and smooth.

Fans Awesome looking, keeps the computer cool, cheap and relatively quiet.

Cathode Tube Needed something that would illuminate the parts inside my computer, also doubles as a reading light. I get nervous if I cant see the parts working right.

PSU and Optical drive were taken from an old computer. Yes I did spray paint the PSU black, it looks pretty amazing!! XD

Overall Best thing I have ever invested in. Pretty awesome gaming machine and workstation. Overall an amazing sucsess.

Add me on Steam charles_gannon

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  • 62 months ago
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get a new psu

  • 62 months ago
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Its actually from an old server computer. Its really reliable and its at 750 watts. I spray painted it because it had a metallic color that stood out way to much in my case. May get a new one but for now it is looking great. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  • 62 months ago
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You might wanna stuff the spaghetti monster into unused drive bays as much as possible like what I did with cases with no cable management options. If I'm not wrong I can see you have some 2.5" unused bays. Also, try moving your parts in those slots around to stuff in more cables.

Trust me it's gonna take a while but the effort is worth it. Better airflow and now my PC's GPU doesn't go 90 Celsius. 65 Celsius and my fan's not even on full speed.

  • 62 months ago
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Will do. Right now it looks like a spaghetti monster is attacking my case. I actually ran out of zipties when I built this and I haven't played around with the cable management since. May upgrade to a modular PSU soon. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  • 62 months ago
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You ties aren't the only way. You can use strings or transparent tapes. Maybe even a string to tie knots.