Mostly internet and business application, with the option of HD video when needed. Not a gaming rig.


  • 68 months ago
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Nice build dude... But i only have one problem: If its not for any kind of gaming, why would you add the radeon GPU? that cpu's integrated GPU would do you just fine for HD video watching or whatever.

Still, nice build man. +1

  • 61 months ago
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I guess I just didn't want to limit what she could do in the future. Shes not going to upgrade anytime soon, and she's watched me build so many PCs that she wanted the Full Effect. Wasn't my money so I threw one in :)

  • 74 months ago
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Really decent build man. I built something a lot similar for myself using the same CPU as my starter CPU with plans on upgrading it when I can. I went with an ASRock board too, the Z77 Extreme4, it is AMAZING! It is about double the price of the B75M R2.0 you used but since I plan on doing on-going upgrades in the future I wanted the MOBO to be good as it is the foundation for everything.