This build is still in progress, I have purchased all parts and assembled the machine.

It is still in progress as I am relocating some of the drives and still working on the 360mm fan shroud.

For the shroud I used a dremel tool and cut off the honey comb mesh on one of the side panels, I then drilled the mounting holes for the shroud, I will install the AF120s plus the custom fan grills on the shroud to give some extra airflow.

The Corsair H105 is on the opposite side panel, I will also be installing the extra AF120 on the panel for extra exhaust. The H105 is setup as push and exhausting warm air from the case.

I have two Cooler Master HAF Stackers for this build. A 915F and a 915R. 915R is the bottom case housing the main system with the fan shroud and radiator for H105. 915F is the top case housing all drives and PSU. I decided to go this route as the 915R has to front intake fan and the 915F has the rear exhaust fan. There is a big hole between the cases towards the rear, I figured since heat raises that this would be the best option. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Only problem I have had is that these cases are small and I put some rather large pieces in there, for example the GPU. They all fit and work fine but just pain to bit them together.

The motherboard PCI-E slot is bit of a pain in this case. the release switch for the GPU is on the other side near the CPU so can be a little difficult to get around to it to remove the GPU.


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This looks intriguing. +1 for the build.

  • 49 months ago
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I have a question:

Does the power supply fit in the bottom case with the motherboard and h105 and eveything installed as well?


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Sorry for late reply, just noticed comment. I have since switched to another case for this build however it would not have been able to fit everything in one case I believe. I have seen people use the rear mounted PSU case and have a single 120mm rad for CPU cooling however I am sure that would be a tight build.

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Ok, no worries it doesn't matter now anyway. I've got my PC now.