2018 (Q3-Q4) Refresh - Brother is growing up and I've finally got him to try out PC gaming! New parts added: MSI GTX 970, a second set of 2x4GB RAM, a second 1TB HDD, and a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Cooler - fits though YMMV, PCPartpicker said it was incompatible but mine fits without touching the window. I replaced and added some fans --one of the NZXT ones that came with the case was failing (hard to rotate, motor is much warmer than the other ones). Added a second CM fan to the cooler even though this is a non-OC capable chip, it's nice to have that overhead in case this gets upgraded to a beefier CPU. Removed the hard drive bays for better airflow to the GPU. Finished off by tidying up the build with an air compressor and a full disassembly.


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Parents needed a new do-it-all computer: documents, media storage and streaming, web browsing (Chrome, with lots of tabs), and occasional gaming (for example, Minecraft). This is a huge upgrade for my parents who were coming from a computer that still had IDE drives.

The case was at the request of my 8 year old brother... as well as one of my mother's favourite colours.

I am strictly an Intel guy now since my bad experiences with AMD.

I would have preferred an ASUS motherboard, but I couldn't find one that I liked at this price point.

8GB of RAM for all those Chrome tabs that my parents leave open while multitasking other programs. Allocated 1GB for the integrated graphics.

SSD for performance; I am of course going to be the one who will ultimately maintain this machine... I know the pain of having to deal with their old and super slow machine so the OS is on an SSD this go around.

HDD for mass storage: lots of photos, videos and documents.

Went overkill with the fans for future upgrade possibilities (beefier CPU and GPU down the road as well as more hard drives). Also had the fans from a previous build... might as well use them.

Note: The wireless card was temporary since I ran out of ethernet ports where I was setting the machine up.


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That's a really flashy case for a modest build. I like it.

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My 8 year old brother requested it!

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100+ fps 4k beast

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Family first!

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