Update: 3/24/14 Took out the optical drive, really no need for these things anymore. Update: 9/13/14 Trying out some Turtle Beach Earforces I was able to snag for $20 Update: 12/26/14 Upgraded PSU to a 750W EVGA Supernova Added a 1TB WD Black HDD

So this is my first build here, and surprisingly, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. The hardest part was choosing which things to get (took about 4 months) while the build itself went pretty smoothly. Went with an AMD build to cut down on costs. After taking a few pics, I think I could tidy up the cables a bit more...Feel free to give me any feedback and constructive criticism. :)

CPU - This was in my budget when I bought it around November, and I though the 6 cores would come in handy. Plus it was cheaper than intel's i-series.

CPU Cooler - Gets the job done, not even sure if I plan on overclocking the CPU anytime soon until I read more into it.

Motherboard - Nifty little board that gets the job done and for the price, it does what is expected.

Memory - Really good price during the New Years's sale on Newegg, and it has a pretty sexy design.

Storage - The Seagate is from my gf's old dell that I was able to salvage along with the crappy Optical Drive which I will probably be removing as I have no use for it. Bought an SSD to use as a boot drive and to store the OS along with a few games like BF3 and BF4. PNY has pretty good reviews, and the design of the unit is nice and sleek. So far the storage is more than enough. I barely filled up 200GB of my laptop's storage over the course of a year and a half.

Video Card- Man oh man was I happy to see this guy drop down from $250+ during the crazy mining spur, and it plays all my games at 1080p at maxed out settings without breaking a sweat. Over clocking is pretty straight forward with msi afterburner. Stable settings so far with core clock at 1115mhz and memory clock at 1500mhz

Case - Liked the design and built in cooling. Plus the price was to die for.

PSU - Yes I know this thing is said to be a ticking time bomb but based on reviews of people with similar builds this guy has been reliable, and it has been getting the job done for me thus far. Who knows, I may upgrade in the future if this thing happens to go wonky on me.

OS - Windows offers a student discount of $130.00 discount for windows 8 pro and I read that games perform better on windows 8 vs windows 7, and the boot time is about 8 seconds.

Monitor - Cheap 1080p gaming on a nice, sleek 22" screen for 99.99? Couldn't pass it up!

Keyboard and Mouse - Ditched the dell mouse and board for this set. Nice backlights to match my build and they have a nice feel.

Speakers - From my gf's old pc. Loving the bass on this bad boy, and it has a crisp sound.

So far I've been able to run BF3 and BF4 on Ultra settings with aa off and I get around 56 - 70 FPS, Starcraft 2 HOTS runs maxed out with 60+ FPS and Dead Space 3 runs smoothly with maxed out settings.

EDIT: Removed power from the optical drive, seated the GPU into the first PCIe slot (stupid mistake) and tidied up the cables.


  • 66 months ago
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what do you think about the speakers ??

  • 64 months ago
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they work incredibly well for how cheap they are

  • 57 months ago
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Good for how cheap they are. They go for like $15-20 and have the bass speaker on the floor

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Nice build i am looking at the sapphire radeon r9 270x 2 gb to but with a amd fx 6300 instead and what games do you play and have you played minecraft and if you could put all the fps on the games you have tested

  • 69 months ago
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I have an fx-6300...and I listed the games I play at the end of my description. Everything I've thrown at it runs at 1080p, 60+ fps with maxed out settings without breaking a sweat. The processor and card I'm using are budget friendly and they work well together.