Hey guys, Mr. Pants here, back with another pair of builds. I called this project Hybridization, due to its multi-build nature. You can see the other part here: .

This project was a rebuild my parent's desktops. My mom lost her laptop in the November 2013 tornado, and my dad's system hasn't been cleaned in years, and seriously needed a rebuild. What I ended up doing is buying parts for one system, and then making two systems out of a mix of new and old parts.

This one is Hybridization Beta, and is based off of my mom's planned system, with the processor and Mobo from my dad's old system. Let's take a look at the parts:

CPU: I reused my dad's Phenom II from his old system. It's still competent for office use, but it's getting old for games.

Cooler: We're using stock for now, probably going to stay that way unless it overheats.

Mobo: Reused the MA785GM-US2H from my dad's system, I don't like the way it can't regulate fans. They all run at full speed all the time. It could really use some upgraded features, like a UEFI BIOS. Interestingly, I found during cleaning it's missing a capacitor, still runs fine though.

Memory: Reused the G.Skill DDR2 from the Phenom rig, contrary to the parts list, it's actually DDR2-800, but the 1066 is the closest I could find on here. As I said on the other part, G.Skill is great at reliability.

Storage: This was originally going to be a Seagate Barracuda, but apparently he's a total Seagate-aphobe, and wouldn't accept anything less than a WD Black... Whatever, I still find it a very loud drive.

Case: My mom is eventually going to put it on her desk, and put the monitor on top of it, so we needed a flat case. Silverstone's ML03 is a pretty nicely-built case, if a bit cramped in places.

PSU: I quite like this unit. It's dead silent, at least at idle, and is definitely more solid than the OEM unit in my dad's system. 80+ Bronze is cheap nowadays, and this is one of the smallest and cheapest units I could find. It's got everything you need and nothing you don't.

Optical Drive: We reused the Asus drive from my dad's system, as he is getting a Blu-Ray drive. It works well enough, since we won't really ever use it.

Fans: A pair of Enermax Marathon 80mm's take air movement duty. They are nicely quiet even at full speed, and the blades pop off for easy cleaning. The mag-bearing should last far longer than a normal sleeve.

The Build

The build time was largely taken up by cleaning up my dad's old system, involving a damp paper towel and my breath (we didn't have canned air). This system was a bit cramped, due to the number of cables, and the PSU being non-modular. The front-left corner is just a mess, with the drives, PSU, and all the connectors in the case all going to the same spots. The PSU barely fits with the optical drive, and I had to do some interesting routing to get them all to fit. I didn't bother with an out-of-the-case test, to save time. It worked on the first boot just fine :)

Tell me what you think! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Update: New picture of the fully set-up system, my mom is not an organized person.

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it is hard to pass up the 5 year warranty on the HDD +1

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I used the silverstone case on my last build. It's a bit cramped. I used a modular PSU and did not installed the optical drive to make it really nice. nice build though

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