this is my current build, put together around December 2012. It holds up well to this day. Recently upgraded the GPU to a 750 Ti FTW, still mid range card but i needed something cheap. Plays modern games again with this card, so an extremely budget build for recommendation.

So I decided I needed more GPU power, and I saw an eBay auction for a 970. Long story short I have more GPU power now

My 2 trusty HDDs in RAID 0 failed on me, so i decided to get an SSD, and since i wanted to OC the sluggish 8120, i got a new cooler as well.

Got an FX-8350 for $30 from a co-worker, as well as picked up 8GB more of RAM. Also, replaced PSU with a newer one, the Antec failed recently, as well as replaced all case fans with SickelFlow fans. Still holds up perfectly to this day (March 2018)

DECOMMISSIONED (November 2018)

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