Built this as I was wanting to play next-gen games but the "next-gen" consoles were'nt up to my standards so I decided to invest in a gaming PC. I thought I may as well get one now as next year, I will be taking design and tech courses at school. I believe I did a good job in terms of bang-for-buck since price down here in NZ are absurd compared to US and AUS.

CPU- Was originally going to go with a FX-8320, but many people say that the Intel i5 4670k is a much better proccessor all-round and the FX-8320 could only beat in a few tasks/games. The i5 was $80 more but i decided to go with it because I believe the i5 has better quality, lower TDP and is a new platform compared to the FX series and may last me a bit longer.

CPU COOLER - I don't have it listed as I couldn't find it. It is a DEEPCOOL ICE EDGE MINI FS. I bought it as I exchanged a monitor i bought for a smaller one, but they only gave store credit, and this one filled in the extra money perfectly. Haven't tested it but I believe it may be slightly better than the stock cooler. Does anyone have any experiences with this cooler? Can I OC? Would appreciate any feedback.

MOBO- Cheapest Z97 I could find, and was only a couple of dollars more than most H97, B85 boards. I didnt need SLI or M.2 support so I thought why not. Works well and has a simple BIOS.

RAM- Bought it cheap during a black friday sale. No comments, works good.

GPU - Listed as the Tri-X but it is actually the Sapphire reference model. Have been told it heats up a lot, but it was a steal at $350 even for used once. Have not tried many games but will update.

PSU- Good budget PSU for my needs. Should be plenty as I think even OC'd may draw only 500w. Only con is that the SATA and MOLEX are all joined which makes for some very hard cabling. 80+ Silver too.

HDD - Secondhand 7200.11 Barracuda. Works well. I don't mind waiting a but for games to load, but may get an extra SSD if necessary.

CASE - A very bad case in general, but did the job for very cheap. There is zero to little cable management opportunites, and I had to stuff many cable in the unused Hard drive bays. Side panel almost did not fit on but I managed. Badly designes PCI covers that are not reusable. Comes with a nice VGA guide that you can use to mount and extra fan. I used it to support my heavy GPU. Overall, i reccommend getting a slightly more expensive case.

Monitor - Good monitor for under $200 NZD. 24" was a bit big for me so i went with 22'. Good colours and a very nice looking, sleek bezel/frame.

Peripherals - Got two cheap Red LED fans for the front, and they run loud, but i guess you get what you pay for. Also bought a red LED strip. Keyboard and mouse were part of a bundle and work great for my needs as I dont require many macro or programmable buttons.

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  • 63 months ago
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so is it shipping that destroys the prices?

  • 63 months ago
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Yeh I think it's a combination of shipping and a 15% tax applied to almost everything.

  • 62 months ago
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Just curious, why the choice of those fans?