Old build was a i7 6700k at 4.5ghz and an Asus strix 1060 6gb. I already had most of my storage except for the Samsung 860 evo Getting around the same performance in single threaded programs but absoultely crushes in multi-core scenarios. Was fun and runs great

Part Reviews


Amazing cpu, extremely efficient and amazing for the price. Way better than the competition atm only other cpu I would look at is 3700x or 3900x

CPU Cooler

Decent temps close to a 212 evo


Overall a decent mobo considering the price, I still have to see if there's a way for me to fit my networking card in beside my GPU but fair warning it's a bit of a tight squeeze, I guess that's what u expect with Micro ATX. Bios was clean and easy, install was super quick


Saw some reviews saying people weren't able to get advertised 3200 speeds with a 2700x but I am glad to report 0 issues, amazing performance


Worked instantly and almost has the same performance as my 960 pro, reliable storage


One of the fastest drives or SSD's I have had the honor of using. sub 6 second boot times, windows installed within 5 min due to read/write speeds of NVME M.2. If you can find one on sale I would snag if not stick with a normal 2.5" drive


good old hdd, super cheap and lots of space

Video Card

For 599 Cad this was a snag and I ended up returning my 1660ti cause it was really close to my 1060 in performance and wanted a upgrade. With the 2060 super and 2070 super just getting released these cards are great for the price


Amazing for price to performance. Comes with 1 fan and thumbscrews, glass panel looks sick

Power Supply

gets the job done, has an eco mode too


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