This bad-boy was 4 years in the making.

Using this site,, and other random sites, this was (when built) probably the most powerful computer known to this case and size.

Things to remember:

  • Quality SSDs and 16GB ram is always a good way to max performance/cost
  • use a good thermal compound to keep your cpu cool
  • Mini-ITX specific GPUs are the bees-kneez


Go read the SG05 reviews. Its pretty much the SMALLEST of small Mini cases. Attach a decent powersupply (don't need to go whole hog) and whatever other extras you feel like (I have a nic card eg) or let the cpu handle alla that. Inside, the sexy CPU heatsink looks like hot pipes off the side an old Camaro.

Usage(Personal Experience): - very linux compatable hardware - fast on adobe suite, Gimp, Dota2, Company of Heroes 2, coding, music editing, Total War games, etc... (even Debian8!) - great on windows 10/8.1

Minor Problems:

Holy heck, this thing is tight. Now, I wouldnt say its 'too' tight in that I put it all together wthout special tools in an afternoon. I had to take the heatsink off my ram, so consider googling for a different set. The closest to CPU is pushing against heatsink. Otherwise, theres space for more HDDs and probably a tv capture card, eg.


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