So I was running an old Dell laptop and decided to build my own. I had wanted to do this for quite some time so I had been saving up. Black Friday/Cyber Monday worked out as a great time to buy the parts.

I had an unused Windows 7 disc and key left over from my laptop hence the no price. The Monitor I received as a gift for the holidays. The reason for the 2nd SSD is that I received a number of gift cards and rebate cards from the part purchases so I decided to invest in another SSD. They are not in a RAID configuration, I just happened to buy 2 at separate times instead of one 500GB. Currently using the build for everything with priority of gaming. Assassin's Creed 4 runs great on it so far as well as Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist (NVIDIA Holiday Bundle). StarCraft II seems to push the graphics card the hardest. The case came with 3 pre-installed fans which I was skeptical about, but they seem to be passing air through well enough so far. Will probably change out in the future.

My coworker upgraded his rig to AC wireless so he gave me his leftover Asus N card which I have been using. Also had 2 Seagate 160GB 7200rpm HDD's donated from some fine people and I am using one to dual boot Ubuntu and the other for storage of random stuff. Currently thinking of getting a WD Black 1TB and swapping out the old Seagate drives.

I am also planning on doing some photo and video editing/manipulation. Sorry for potato photos.

Notes: I put together this summary real quick so I will fix and update it soon, just have a little too much to do on my plate at the moment. If anyone knows of any good bench marking or utility programs I should be using, please let me know. Thanks!

Update: Felt it was getting too hot and not moving enough air with the stock fans so I added 4 Cooler Master SickleFlow fans. Also, just ordered a Ducky Shine 3. Everything else on the build is blue but I really wanted a green backlit keyboard. Wanted to use skype as well so I went and got a Logitech C920. So far it works great.

Update (7/23/14): Received additional monitor as present and bought a 3TB WD Green HDD for increased storage.


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Nice build! I'm still wondering why you chose a 760 tho. You've could of gotten a i5 4670k and overclocked it (god help you if you're overclocking) and gotten a 770/780, just my opinion lol. Still nice parts! Love that 4770k! +1

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I have to disagree with the above ref the I7. If you got it for 250 and the average price for an I5 is apx 225 then I think it's a wise $25 spent. Who knows what you may get into in the future.


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Pretty nice build. I'm not all about that case though personally. At least you made the spaghetti piles where it won't block anything. Kudos. +1