Hey guys! So I through this build together for christmas last year. To keep things short and sweet I'll just say that every single component in the build has performed extremely well. I use it primarily for Starcraft 2, WoW, League of Legends, Total War: Rome 2, Skyrim, Crysis 3. Handles everything on Ultra graphic settings just fine.

Still, I've been thinking about upgrading!! I guess you could say I'm just anxious to install something new (this is going to be addicting I'm sure).

My question to you all is: What would you recommend I upgrade? What would I get the best improvement for the lowest cost? All that I could think of was the CPU. What do you guys think?


Note: Sorry about the crappy pictures.. Still trying to dig up all the pics I took when I first put it together.. Also, it's in a temporary location and not on my normal desk. I'll try to update the pics later! :3

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  • 49 months ago
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your motherboard supports sli so you could get another graphics card

  • 49 months ago
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Heres what I think you should get and for what reasons.

i5-4690k - Increases performance in games which will increase as games will be going past the 970s ability to handle on its own.

i7-4790k - as stated above but also adds much further future proofing.

Another GTX 970 - This would help you run all upcoming games without the need to upgrade it for a long time as this would run about the same as a 980 ti.

Pick a CPU, a GPU, or both, but I suggest one of the CPUs now and a 970 later when you cant run the most recent games you want to play at the desired FPS.