ITS FINALLY DONE!!!!!!!!!! After 10 million years of planning i finally got it and put it together. The story goes that i wanted a computer. So i did this, then this, then r/buildapc helped me out and i did this. I ordered the parts and then put the thing together, it took around 5 hours and a process of trial and error (dont worry, i memorized the more vital things like the cpu fan, mobo installation, etc etc). Not to mention i was scammed too (the case i bought was used and was missing mobo screws and fans despite that not being listed).

Overall this was a really fun experience for me and i learned a lot. The computer itself works well too except for a few problems with chrome constantly crashing and it not being able to properly sleep or hibernate. So yea i might as well plug my twitch where i stream (and now i can stream better cuz i have a better computer) so yeah

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Look at the pictures other people post of their builds. Now look at the pictures you posted and ask yourself "Can I tell what I'm looking at?".