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First gaming build ~$800

by TheLastBoss78


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UPDATE: Another year or so later. Computer runs okay but I learned my lesson about the Asrock Pro series mobo; they suck. Internet connection slows and drops randomly. System clock stops ticking or rewinds randomly. USB storage has trouble connecting. All around a ****** board.

--old review--- It's been over a year, I believe, since I built this. It's still running well though I am wishing I'd gone with a stronger video card. I had the intention of overclocking this (as you will see by my choice of CPU/Mobo) but chickened out. I may do that one of these days.

The video card is not as powerful as I had hoped; it runs many games wonderfully, but some have caused problems. Dead Space in particular looked terrible until I turned the settings up, and apparently that was a dumb move because now every game shows flickering black boxes even when the temps are low. Guess I blew something out, oh well it's a noob mistake. Get a more powerful card if you want to max out your graphics. [Update: I RMA'd the card without any issues. The replacement one is fine, but still not very strong. Fallout New Vegas runs on low, for example]

The keyboard that everyone loves is, to me, a bit awkward. The macro keys are easily confused with Esc and Ctrl in the heat of gaming. The keys are high profile and spaced far apart, which is slightly awkward when typing. Coupled with the troubles of keeping my hands on the oddly sloped wrist rest, it's hard to type on.

I love the look of the case. The blue glow is quite subtle and just barely shines through the large black grill on the front. It's an awesome effect, not too "l33t" or obnoxious, and won't distract you in the dark. If you like the look of a converse all-star transformer stormtrooper on your desk, go for it!

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ahad 1 point 62 months ago

since the new ivy bridge is out you couldve got with that and for the mobo the asrock z77 extreme4 will work perfectly with the i5 3570k, but overall its a great build for people who have a budget less than a 900

Caples 4 Builds -1 points 58 months ago

Honestly if I were to get an i5 today I would seriously consider getting another 2500k. The overclocks on them are absolutely silly and they are one of the most robust CPUs I have ever used. My own has taken a ridiculous beating.

fveasjfbeksj 1 point 52 months ago

That case looks absolutely awesome.

TheLastBoss78 submitter 1 Build 1 point 52 months ago

Thanks! Yeah I fell in love with it. I know it's not for everybody but I'm an 80s nerd so it works for me. It's not great for cable management but otherwise no problems with it.

JPKaizer 1 Build 1 point 51 months ago

I love the style of the case, I have the red one, but how did cable management go?

TheLastBoss78 submitter 1 Build 1 point 51 months ago

Not so great. There's basically no room to run the cables through the back, so you get a nice view of them through the window. Luckily I didn't put a LED fan in the side so they're less visible than they would be.

JPKaizer 1 Build 1 point 51 months ago

oh, because I tried rearranging the cables and it took me about 30mins but I managed to stuff the cables behind and the ones I won't need I just tied them behind the lower drive bays so it isn't visible, I'll try and take a picture of it so you could get a sense of it plus my PSU is non modular

JPKaizer 1 Build 1 point 48 months ago

hey is the front fan a 120mm or 80mm?

nukelierninja -1 points 50 months ago

that is such a shame u could have gotten a 8 core possessor if you would have gone with AMD and it would have been 4.0GHz and cheeper!

MoeMoo 1 point 48 months ago

amd fx-8320? im gonna get that ****