Sorry for the poor picture quality, I only had my phone to hand, if I get chance I'll whack out the camera and take some more.

So I had a machine that I built about 3years ago, I built it when I didn't really know anything about computers and was just 'IF IT'S i7 IT'S GOOD.' So yeah, the machine was pretty awful in hinesight (i7 with cheap mobo and GPU).

So I thought it was about time I got some money together and built a new machine (I'm 18 in full time education and a part time job, so yes I paid for it).

I haven't had time yet for getting the CPU and GPU overclocked, so I plan on doing them asap.

I get about a 15second boot and if I do a restart it's closer to 10seconds.

The monitor setup I have is a little weird, I have the 27" one, and a small 21.5" one, it's an OCD killer, and is a little annoying but I've gotten used to it, I use the 21.5" just to have facebook and chats open whilst I game and watching videos/movies on the 27".

I haven't had any time to test the components yet, but what I can say is that the H100i is keeping my CPU at 28C idle, and my 970 is running at about 49C idle (fans off).

The case I just love, I know a lot of people don't like the look of it, but I do, the case has a very simplistic design and great airflow (from what I can tell). The sound dampening foam really does make a difference at idle (haven't had chance to game yet) I can barely tell the machine is running, compared to my old machine where it could be heard from another room as it was just such a bad case, and high RPM fans to keep it cool. At the moment I'm running all my fans at 750RPM, might try see if I can squeeze it a little lower though.

The case was a wonder to build in, very open and lots of cable management space. I had to uninstall the H100i like 4 times though as I couldn't get clearance to the CPU power and fan headers (hinesight should've done them first). I know the cable mangement isn't anything special, but it was my first time actually trying, and I do plan in the future to re-do it.

Future upgrades for this build are gonna be another 8GB of Fury Black, adding another 970, and upping the PSU to 850W platinum efficiency. And obviously another 27" monitor, will try get the G-sync version of the current one I'm using.

I will be updating this as I do tests/overclock/etc if you have any questions, I'll try answer them.

update 1

I have got a stable overclock at 4.8GHz (will try get this higher in the future). I have also set up a fan profile in AISuite 3 where the case fans don't come on till the system reaches 40 degrees, and the radiator fans are running at 400rpm until the system hits 40 degrees c, then it all slowly vamps up. This is like God sent, it's so quite when idle it's beautiful.

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