This took me a long time to get all the parts and assemble but once i did it felt great.

The CPU: runs beautifully cant of gone better. I do plan on overclocking in the future but am virtually clueless on how at the moment. Solid 4 here.

The CPU Cooler: Really difficult to put on and get it working... however once its running it cools like a dream and is essentially silent. The fact that the heatsings force the heat toward my exaust is also nice. However the difficulty i had putting it on was too much and so it gets a 3

Arctic Silver is wonderful nuff said. 5*

The Motherboard is wonderfull as well. The bios settings that come with it were a extremely usefull.

I dont know much about memory but i know that it runs at a steady speed and is very well preforming. Anyways i like it so ill give it a solid 4

The hard drive was really a pain in the butt and i was forced to partition and format something that was brand new just to install windows 7. It is really loud and obnoxus on start up and really just pisses me off. It lowered my windows score and prevented me from getting 7+ all across the board. Im uprgading this 2 star as soon as possible.

The graphics card is fine no problems at all and as soon as i can ill buy another one and dual sli. For now a 4.

The case is really nice and i reccomend it to anyone new or old to building. not only is it loaded down with tiedown points in the back the storage is ultra easy. also the toolbox hidden in the bottom is amazing for keeping spare parts and cords. i love how easily the fans can move on it and cannot wait to try out the xdrive at the top. Also the built in fan controller saves money and makes life easier. there are some other cool features included but i havent really made use of them. Anyways i would strongly reccomend it to anyone wanting to build a full tower Super Solid 5

The fans arent rateable but its nice that coolermaster includes such silent fans with the case. Anyways im definatley upgrading some like the one on my cpu cooler and adding a possible second exaust. also i might change the leds.

The power supply is also really nice and i would recommend it to anyone who needs a good mid level psu. anyways it comes with some cool stuff so thats a 5.

The optical drive is just something i bought at my local best buy. not too shabby and not more than expected. 4

Windows 7 is just nice as a whole on my standard HP Beats Pavillion i have windows 7 and I definitely like them both if I had to recommend one it would be windows 8 becuase it really is 7 with a new start menu and faster times. Also its not hard to use or get used to. 5 here

Keyboard i bought secondhand from a friend and have loved it since definatley recommended however the cord it comes with does suck. anyways thats a 4

The mouse is eloquent and has worked verry well. Sniper button is a dream but doesnt really do much. Just saying dont buy it for that. 5 though.

I thouroughly enjoyed this build and thank all of the community for help on reddit and here. Feedback is surely welcome.


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