My primary objective when starting out this build was to have a machine capable of the high settings 1080p 60 fps standard. As such I initially had a more mid-range build sorted and it was only when I was notified of a good deal on a 970 from Amazon France that I pushed the build further. With this, out went my second hand 60 Hz 1080p monitor (courtesy of and in came my wonderful 1440p IPS 144Hz g-sync monitor (again this was purchased much cheaper than the amazon price listed in the build meaning the prices with be a tad off) With overclocking on both the GeForce 970 and the i5-4690K (and some Corsair AF120 fans as well as some very sketchy cable management to keep the temperatures down) I was able to run games like The Witcher at High-Ultra settings >60fps, with the g-sync coming into play in particularly busy areas ensuring the gameplay was always smooth. Peripherals-wise I have CM Quick-Fire TK and a Zowie EC-1. Unfortunately I have limited experience with other keyboard and mice so have little to compare them to but thus far have been solid pieces of kit. Sound system I have Roth Oli speakers paired with a smsl amp and an Audioengine DAC & headphone amp, as well as a pair of audio-technica headphones which I opted for over a gaming headset for the better sound quality and simply use a clip on zalman mic for voice chat. Overall I am very pleased with my first build and am eagerly awaiting its obsolescence so I can get started on the next one! (sort of)


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